It’s Greek to me

Saturday was a tour and luncheon of Fresno’s large Greek Orthodox Church–Saint George. Terry and I had toured the Greek Monastery a couple of years ago, and knew some of the history of the religion. We were excited to learn more, and we knew the food would be special.

There were about 50 of us on a rainy, gloomy day who came out for this event. The church vicar was our guide and his daughter sang as part of the lunch entertainment.

We entered through these doors:

Into this beautiful sanctuary:

The ceiling was just completed in the last year although the church was built in 1955 at this location. It had been hard to find the right iconograph painters to complete the work. The church finally found a couple in St. Petersburg who came and did the work over a four year period. Their style of painting matched the previous painters’ style of iconography.

Our lunch was Greek salad and Greek walnut cake for dessert.

The main course was chicken, pilaf, and spinach pie:

It was all made by the ladies of the church who joined us at our tables to enjoy good food and good fellowship.

Many in this group did not know about the monastery so they voiced interest in doing that tour some time in the future. The vicar even offered to be the guide. Terry and I would be delighted to go again. They too serve a delicious Greek lunch.


8 responses to “It’s Greek to me

  1. That church and the food are both spectacular! You have made me hungry. 🙂

  2. What a pretty church interior. I wonder about the Greeks in California, what their history is.

    • This church was formed in the early 1920s, but there have been Greeks in Fresno since the late 1800s when the city was getting started. Many had cafes and grocery stores, others farmed. The minister of the church was born in San Francisco where there is a large Greek population, as there is in Los Angeles.

  3. Lovely church and meal. I don’t know any Greeks here in Hawaii, but there is a Greek Festival once a year at the park.

  4. We have a beautiful greek Orthodox church near us. I’ve eaten food made by the ladies because some of them used to belong to my water aerobics group and brought food for ‘afters.’ I also used to cook a lot of Greek food in my younger days.

    However, I’ve yet to visit our local church, although 1/ I have been invited many times, 2/ David was Russian Orthodox when he was younger, and
    3/ my sister was married next door at Saint Anthony’s, the Catholic church where we have visited many times.

    Looks like your local ladies fed you and Terry well.

  5. The food looks delicious!

  6. Just a magical ceiling. Such glorious beauty to go with always wonderful Greek food.

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