Pollen and bugs, oh my.

The subdivision in which our home sits was built on what was once a large olive grove. Olives and figs thrived out here in this clay soil and hardpan. The holes for the tree stock, much of it brought from Spain and Italy, had to dynamited to get a deep enough spot to plant the tree so it would survive. And survive they did. The street into our subdivision is lined with the last of those olive trees. I love them for their beauty and their tenacity. I don’t love them for their pollen.

This is the time of year when olive trees bloom and the street is covered in a fine creamy colored pollen that each tree so abundantly produces. That pollen drifts, too, especially with the high winds we have been having. I sneeze each morning and my eyes water each evening.

Our temperature is approaching 90 today and it is so beautiful in the backyard that I cannot stay indoors. I find weeds and grasses to pull and bushes to prune. In between those chores, I sit on the garden bench our son-in-law is in the process of building and just look up at the trees and the beautiful sky. And sneeze.

There are bugs out there, too. Bugs that like to bite me. I wonder what they bite when I’m not around. The birds? Squirrels? Cats? They don’t like the taste of my husband as he is rarely bitten. Why me?

Today is the last Good News Club meeting. We are serving pizza and cookies and playing lots of games as we review our last six weeks of lessons on the life of Joseph. We will do this outdoors since the weather is so wonderful. I will sneeze. My eyes will water. The bugs will bite. It will be great fun.


9 responses to “Pollen and bugs, oh my.

  1. I am itchy and sneezy at this time of year, too. If it weren’t for FloNase and Claritin I’d be staying inside. Bugs don’t bite me much, but then again we don’t have many at this time of year. We had a temperature of 83 here yesterday, breaking the record by 8 degrees! 🙂

  2. Interesting the bugs don’t like the taste of your husband. It’s either because you are wearing perfume or there might be some truth to the sing/song thing we use to say as kids: “Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That’s what little boys are made of. Sugar and spice and all things nice, That’s what little girls are made of.”

  3. We don’t have olive trees here, but any day soon the yellow oak pollen will be all over everything. Fortunately, it doesn’t cause much of a problem for me.

  4. May nature treat you with only beauty

  5. Funny, our property was a wild orchard, then part of the Lee estate, before it was settled by contraband slaves after the Civil War. Today it is comprised of many styles of architecture dating back over 100 years. Doesn’t stop the insects and pollen from locating us, however.

  6. Maybe, Terry has a lot of body hair and bugs shy away from it?

  7. Wonderful time of year!

  8. I find my eyes like the world more when I wipe my glasses off. Nothing stops my coughing tho, so I think of you and hope you are better than I am.

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