I’m not cut out to work with kindergartners

I seem to have a crick in my neck and sore shoulders. I was lamenting this situation and wondering what I had done to cause the discomfort when Terry reminded me.

“It was all that bobbing and weaving with kindergartners.”

Ah, yes. There was a shortage of noon time assistants yesterday as the kindergartners were finishing their lunches. The principal asked if I would take one of the classes to the playground and watch them. Oh, sure, why not. Twenty two small, wriggling children. Piece of cake!

I had to stop the line twice on the way from cafeteria to playground to move a child who could not keep his/her hands to himself/herself. The kindergartners are still in awe of me as I’ve not worked too closely with them yet, so each stop caused them all to pull themselves together and look pensive. Each child who was moved to the front of the line, next to me, behaved perfectly from there on out.

Once on the playground, we joined the three other kindergarten classes so now there are over 60 of these small children running amok. I keep a close eye on them as I want no harm to come to them while I am on duty. I chase down a group of boys who have decided to roughhouse and pile on one another. Then I jump over to the play structure to take a couple of boys off of the slide who think they should stop others from coming down. Standing still for just a minute I see a girl tussling with a boy, about to pull his shirt off of him. I separate them, tell her she cannot do that and that they are to play nicely. Out of the corner of my eye I catch the roughhousing boys going at it again so I separate out the ringleader and we have a chat.

One of the noon time assistants (paid staff) is standing close by and I stop to give her a hug and tell her how much I appreciate her doing this EVERY DAY. She is probably 23 years old. One needs youth and energy to do the job. At 63, I’m beyond my prime for such endeavors and that is why my neck and shoulders are complaining to me.

Footnote: all of this took place in 15 minutes.



7 responses to “I’m not cut out to work with kindergartners

  1. Yikes! Yes, those little ones need someone who is younger and can bend and stoop over and over! But it’s so nice to know they knew they could count on you if necessary. 🙂

  2. You certainly got your exercise for the day!

  3. Yes that explains the pains, if it’s not a touch of arthritis.

    • Although I have stenosis in my neck and arthritis in other places, I seldom hurt due to oregano oil and diet (limited inflammatory foods). Being tense on Thursday, as well as all the extra movement, probably caused the two conditions to flare. I’m doing better by Saturday.

  4. I had a flashback of being a kid and trying to pull the shirt off a boy named Malcom. Later, I was so embarrassed by my actions I refused to play with him anymore. He couldn’t understand why. Poor Malcom. You’re the first person I ever told.

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