Blustery day

It is cold and windy here. The clouds are drifting around, covering the sun, mocking me. The room is light, then it gets dark. Should I turn on the lamp? Oh, wait, the sun just came back out.

I was up and out early this morning, wearing long pants and a jacket and still shivering, to see the optometrist for a checkup on my shingled eye. Although the blisters are gone, I still have a bit of itching and the skin flares red every now and then. The optometrist had made a follow up appointment when I was first diagnosed, just to make sure all of was well, and I decided I wanted to know, for sure, that I had mended properly.  She again dispatched some dye in the eye, after checking the pressure, and looked about inside the eye. All was well.

I then drove across town, completely out of my way, to a newer, bigger Target store because I am boycotting my neighborhood Target. No, not for the reason many are up in arms and staying away from the store, but because the nearby Target is always redoing the shelves and seems to be out of the products I buy on a regular basis. They put in those self-checkout registers (which I refuse to use) and in doing so seem to have fewer registers open when I shop, which is early in the day. The newer, bigger Target has so much more to choose from, and I found items that I didn’t even know I needed until I saw them!

Back home I made a cranberry-orange loaf, a pan of brownies, and a potato salad. I had sorted laundry before I left home this morning so I was able to do four loads in between the baking and cooking. Since it is so cold outdoors, I can’t be working in the yard so I might as well be productive in the house. I even managed my own hated chore–dusting!

I bought an O magazine at Target, something I rarely do, so now that the chores and cooking have been accomplished, I plan to sit on the couch and read fluff.


9 responses to “Blustery day

  1. Fluff can be very relaxing. I’m glad to hear that your eye is going to be OK. Soon, I hope. Best Aloha

  2. It was cold here too. Your baking sounds amazing. Sorry to hear about your eye.

  3. Glad your eye is okay after that shingles bout. And I occasionally buy a magazine and settle into my chair just for something easy to do. It seems odd for it to be so cold where you are. 🙂

  4. The weather here is quite different (it almost feels like early summer), but some storms coming in will bring a big change. Glad to hear about your eye.

  5. I pick up old magazines at the Senior Center sometimes. I like things about gardens and interior design and love street views of pretty houses.
    Sorry to hear about the shingles. My mother had it so badly. I have taken the shot and hope it helps, should I ever be afflicted.
    Sounds as if we are having the same kind of weather as you, here in Hawaii, just not so cold.

  6. Every now and then we all need a bit os sunlight. However, I don’t need fluff on the furniture.

  7. Have you had that eye checked by an Opthomologist? G’s eye is still partially numb, and there is a little scarring inside after 4 years. What a horrible disease. Glad your eye isn’t damaged.

  8. We do most of our grocery shopping at our Target, which is located near my house. Can’t beat the prices and the convenience.
    Glad your eye is okay now.

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