Yay for Friday

I’m pretty sure I’ve used that headline before. When I was teaching I loved for Friday to arrive as it meant I got to rest for two days. Now, when Friday arrives, I feel like it’s a bonus day for me to do what I want, and today is pretty much like that.

For one thing, I am staying home all day, going nowhere, which means I don’t have to put on makeup or dress in decent clothes. I can stay in my knit pants and a sweatshirt. That house across the street from us, the one with the chair sitting on the parking strip, is still vacant, and yes, the chair is still sitting there. The yard is knee-deep in foxtail weeds. The garbage can still sits at the curb. The sun-blind was blown up on the roof during all that wind storm we had last week. In other words, the house is a mess.

What does this have to do with how I’m dressed? Well, someone showed up over there today. Maybe the rental company that represents the owner? Maybe a company that is being brought in to clean it up? Maybe a renter? Had I looked decent, I would have run over there and complained to them about the appearance of the place and ask when they plan to do something about the chair, the yard, and garbage can. But, looking the way I do, I figure no one would take my complaining very seriously. Also, this is the fourth vehicle that has shown up there the past couple of weeks and someone has gone in the house. And like the other times, the person stays five minutes and leaves. I sure wonder what they are doing over there. It’s certainly not any work.

Speaking of work, that’s another reason I am glad to be home today. I’m doing loads of laundry and baking mini peach pies to take to the church ladies’ tea tomorrow. I also started working on teacher appreciation notes for Day of the Teacher which here in California is May 11. I think the national Day of the Teacher is next week, so I’m hoping  to have my tokens of appreciation ready to deliver then.

6 responses to “Yay for Friday

  1. You are having a restorative day! Best thing for your health!

  2. Sounds like a great day for you!

  3. Even when you are resting and doing nothing, you accomplish quite a lot! 🙂

  4. I probably would have gone over there and then regretted it. Is there an agency you can call? That sounds safer. Unfortunately, if this situation were in Colorado, I would suspect an illegal pot grow in the house. Signs of the times…

  5. Friday is wonderful for everyone it seems. When you are retired, everyday is Friday and its grand.

  6. Yeah, I have neighbors on my street who have horrible front yards, too.

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