The weekend 

The wind quit blowing. No rain fell. Each weekend day was sunny and warm. I loved it. 

On Saturday I attended the ladies tea at our church. It was a lovely event where I finally got to wear a skirt. No black pants, black top, coat and socks. I dressed in pale pink print gauzy skirt and pale blue silk jacket. I contributed my tiny peach pies to the groaning table of savories and sweets. 

Each table for the 70 ladies was set with different tea pots and cups from the various members’ personal collections. 

The guest speaker was a retired teacher whom I knew from that large urban high school. Her hobby for all these years is China painting. In retirement she has increased her involvement in this artistic pursuit, giving lessons and making these presentations. This is a sample of her work:

And a couple of my new friends I’ve made at this church:

On Sunday I again dressed in a skirt, linen shirt, and open-toed shoes, and headed to church to stand at the door, greeting every attender. It’s a joyous position, especially on such a beautiful day. 


7 responses to “The weekend 

  1. sounds like a great weekend, love this time of year.

  2. I would love to see a picture of your beautiful spring outfit, Delaine. I saw the picture of the church on FB. 🙂

    • Someone did take some photos with me in them at the tea. Maybe I can get one from her. Otherwise, I’ll have Terry take a picture of me the next time I wear that outfit. I’m just so happy to be wearing skirts again.

  3. The tea party sounds grand. I love China of all kinds. I also think your friend’s hat is great.

    • This lady wears a hat each and every Sunday. She has quite the collection. She also wears matching shoes and purses. Such a fashionista!

  4. Looks charming. I’d like to see your outfit too. I’m mostly a member of the black slacks brigade, but I don’t wear black tops, because all black gives me the drears.

  5. Love that tea pot and the china.

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