Injuries all around

I took my very black and purple eye to school today. Even with concealer and matching blue shadow on the lids, my bruise was pretty noticeable. Arriving, though, I found a nurse’s office full of boys in much worse condition.

One boy had a broken wrist. Another had a scraped shin. A third was holding an ice pack to his forehead. He had quite the goose egg. All three were hurt during morning recess. The principal was sitting with the broken wrist, trying to keep him calm and the arm elevated. The scraped shin boy was whimpering in the corner. The goose egg boy was tearful but hanging on. Oh, did I mention, there was no nurse at the school today. The nurse only comes two times a week. Today wasn’t one of those days.

The office manager was in charge of the nurse’s office and doing a fine job of applying a sling to broken wrist, cleaning the scraped shin, and keeping an ice pack on the goose egg. I sat with the boys while the principal went back to her student study team meeting and the office manager tried to figure out who was the guilty culprit in the goose egg wound. The other two boys had gotten hurt while playing soccer.

The boy who caused the goose egg showed up while I sat there. Turns out, he had been throwing rocks, not at the boy who got hurt, just throwing them in the air. Guess the other boy got underneath one of the rocks as it fell to earth. He was quite apologetic and I noticed he was also sporting a wrapped wrist. Yep, he had sprained the wrist last week. I hope it wasn’t from throwing rocks!

I explained to him how dangerous that game was, not to do it again, and to apologize. The boy with the bump on his head accepted the apology so I sent rock thrower back to class and bandaged up the goose bump. I tried to get that boy to go back to class, too, but his mother was coming to pick him up and he wanted to go home. I pointed out my black eye and how I was at school even though I didn’t feel real good. He said he would try to come back tomorrow. I hope so.


7 responses to “Injuries all around

  1. Mercy! What a scene you painted. I’m sure glad you showed up when you did to help get a grip on things. It sure made your black eye fade into the background, though. 🙂

  2. gosh what a day, I’m not sure I could stomach all those injuries, I guess I couldn’t be a nurse or doctor

  3. Wow! To Sir with love!

  4. Oh Delaine, you have found your calling. So interesting you had your black eye on this day of all days.

  5. Wow! Sounds like a week all rolled up into one day. I’ll bet you’re exhausted.

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