Nobody appreciates teachers like a retired teacher

This past week was national teacher appreciation week. Next week California Teachers Association (the teacher’s union) shows its appreciation on the 11th. 

Teachers should get two weeks of accolades. Teachers work so hard and who really understands that is a retired teacher. The four first grade teachers with whom I work are amazing. I could never do what they do. Teaching at the high school level is hard enough as we juggle many responsibilities, but teaching tiny learners is a whole ‘nother level of hard. 

I really appreciate the first grade teachers’ hard work and love for their children. I also appreciate the fact that they allow me to come in once a week and take over their classroom for a half hour or so. My tiny gifts aren’t much, but I do like to bring them small tokens of my appreciation every now and then. 

Using my Adobe software and a few skills I used to teach, I made cards for the teachers. I added a sticker and ribbon. 

I found gift bags at Barnes & Noble that carried on the Paris theme. 

I put some special candies and a lovely smelling hand cream in the bags. I found napkins with the Eiffel Tower at Whole Foods so they went in, too. Thought that would make their lunch break a bit nicer. Their very short lunch break. 

One of the teachers gave me a thank you note:

How sweet. 


3 responses to “Nobody appreciates teachers like a retired teacher

  1. You are such a gift! And I’m glad I get to know you through our blogs, since we are not likely to meet in person any time soon. But that doesn’t matter one whit. 🙂

  2. You are a super-duper volunteer!

  3. You are a class act, Delaine. Wow! That’s so generous and thoughtful of you.

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