A week of busy

It’s been a week since I posted about my comings and goings. Guess I’ve been so busy coming and going, I didn’t have time to stop and think about what I was doing, much less write about it.

One of my main tasks this week was finishing a photo book for my granddaughter’s seventh birthday (which just happens to be Friday the 13th this year). For the past few years I have been using Shutterfly to make the kids’ books. I used Jostens for years when I got started doing these books. I had used Jostens for the 9 years I did the yearbook at that big inner city high school. Then they gave up that private line of business. I switched to Apple but had to give that up when I updated my software and no longer had my photos on my computer. Shutterfly seemed perfect since I could upload the photos directly from my phone to the company’s site. Then I go online, on my laptop, and make the book. It’s not real intuitive, but I fitz and fust, and get the book complete.

Another activity keeping me occupied are four baby kittens that were born in our hall bath this past week. I’m not going into all the detail, just know that I don’t want more feral cats around here so decided to play “midwife” to a neighbor’s cat. Now I’m running a nursery.

The school year is wrapping up, and I have to give a post assessment to the first graders with whom I have been working. That happened this week. There will be awards for each child so I met with the supervisor of the school chaplains and got my stash of certificates. We sat and talked for almost two hours, comparing notes and coming up with ideas for next year and beyond. He is a retired principal and one of the smartest educators I have ever met. I always learn so much when I talk to him. He gives me actual words and actions to use with the children.

After months of working with small elementary students, today I got to return to my roots and give a tour of Kearney Mansion to high school seniors. These were students from a small county town who have been accepted to Fresno State University, but knew little about Fresno, so their teacher decided this would make a good introduction to Fresno’s history and allow the seniors to see a bit of Fresno, off the beaten path.

Although I gave them the historical context of the house and M. Theo Kearney as I usually do on these tours, I focused more on Mr. Kearney’s vision for the San Joaquin Valley. We talked about leaving a legacy, not just a resume, and I challenged them to use the technology of the day to tell their story, just as Mr. Kearney had done in the early 1900s.

The teacher took me aside as we were leaving the house, “I could not have asked you to say it any better! I have been teaching these kids for the past year about leaving a legacy, to live beyond oneself. They had a project to design their dream home and we come here and see that Kearney had designed his, and kept the dream alive right up to his death. This was perfect, thank you.”  I guess I channeled Mr. Kearney pretty well today.

It’s been busy around here, and the next two weeks promise more of the same as the school year comes to a close and we put our summer plans into action.



9 responses to “A week of busy

  1. I use Shutterly a lot but lately have been taking a break, the money adds up I’m thinking.

    • I only use Shutterfly to make the yearly books for my grandchildren. They do have a promotion going that I’ve taken advantage of–free prints when you order from their app. You do pay postage, though,which can add up.

  2. Wonderful work you do! My sister is doing similar things in Milipitas. She is a native Calilfornian (as am I) and very knowledgeable about the Santa Clara Valley (aka Silicon Valley) and the South Bay as it once was. She works with school groups and will be teaching a class for the community college soon!

    • I love giving the tours at Kearney Mansion but have no desire to go any further, nor would I want to do this on a paid basis. I like being able to say no when it’s just not convenient.

  3. I have used “blog2print” for books now and then, making them from blog posts. I might have to try the Apple version, since I do have my photos on my devices. Thank you for the idea, and yes you are sure busy! 🙂

  4. What a very nice tribute to you from a fellow teacher. You are truly gifted. Years from now some of these children will remember you and your effort to help them understand what leaving a legacy entails.

  5. I use Costco, but my photographer friend uses Shutterfly and I know the books are excellent! You were born to be a teacher.

  6. Well, you sure are a busy women. We should all emulate you.

    • I will be done with school in 2 more weeks. That will really open up my schedule. And no Bible study for the next two weeks which will give me more time on those Wednesday mornings.

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