And another week has passed

Time is flying and it seems I’m flying along with it. 

As soon as I finished with the deacon’s meeting last Sunday, we took off to see our kids in the Bay Area. It was Leeya’s 7th birthday so we took her and Judah out for dinner while their parents had a date night. 

The next day we took both kids to their respective schools and picked them up afterwards for more birthday fun. This freed their parents to get work done. 

Leeya discovered chocolate mousse and it’s now a favorite. 

Although we had to go home on Tuesday and miss the art festival at Leeya’s school, Jen sent this photo of Leeya with one of four of her pieces that were selected for the festival. 

Her painting is of the autumn tree on the green hill. It shows her use of warm and cool colors in a picture. I was surprised at how professional she dressed for the event. Her sense of fashion is usually more bohemian. I wish I could have been there to have seen all of her work. 

This was the last week to read a book to the first graders. Next week I will hand out certificates and stickers from the Fresno Police Department to each student and say goodbye for this school year. Yes, time is flying. 


10 responses to “And another week has passed

  1. Yes, time flies.

    I wanted to send you a personal message, but have misplaced your email address. Mine’s listed on my blog. Maybe you could send me something and I could respond back?

  2. I adore that outfit and the fine painting she drew. I am so glad to know that you are continuing to shower those around you with your incredible being. Thanks for also including me, through these posts. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to Leeya and her art is beautiful as she is!

  4. What darling children! You are so smart to do easy and fun things with them. I’m sure they are always eager to be with you!

    • They are always ready to “go” when we are visiting. Next month, after they get out of school, our plan is to go to Snoopy Museum in Santa Rosa. It should be a fun day trip.

  5. A wonderful post and I love Leeya’s “look.” Great art too.

  6. Oh my goodness! What gorgeous children!

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