You would think I would learn

I think I’ve written before about my poor experiences with Pinterest recipes. But, once, again, I got suckered in.

The idea for a sweet bacon appetizer seemed to be a possibility for a Sunday morning after-church treat. I’m occasionally asked to help with the after-church coffee service and I thought this might be a hit. People like bacon. People like sweet stuff. This could work.

It has a ridiculous name: maple caramel bacon crack. I thought I would just call it sweet bacon snacks. You start with crescent roll dough, bacon, maple syrup, and brown sugar. I cut up the bacon in small pieces, cooked and drained it. Rolled out the dough onto parchment paper, pinching the pieces together. Spread on maple syrup, sprinkled with brown sugar, scattered the bacon pieces over the sweet stuff and then topped with more maple syrup and brown sugar. You bake that in a 325 degree oven for 25 minutes.

My results

The flavor is pretty good, but the base of crescent roll dough is just not all that great. I think puff pastry dough or even pie crust dough might be better. I use puff pastry dough A LOT and have good results with it.

So, would I make this again? No, not as the recipe is written, but perhaps with some tinkering. Do any of you, dear Readers, have success with Pinterest recipes?


9 responses to “You would think I would learn

  1. Sorry it didn’t work, I don’t usually use Pnterest recipes but my daughter does. She usually tweaks them.

  2. I get a lot of recipes online, but never through Pintrest.

    • I will occasionally look up a recipe online to see the directions for making it. Most of my cooking is done without a recipe. That’s why, when people ask for a recipe for something I’ve made, I have to say, “I don’t have one.”

  3. I use online recipes, but I have never tried one from Pinterst. Yesterday I used Joy of Cooking. LOL

  4. Generally, I stick to my tried and true recipes. Other people’s “wonderful” recipes don’t generally float my boat.

  5. I must just not know how to pick recipes. So far, I’ve not had much luck with recipes I get online. They look good, but I must be doing something wrong because they never taste all that good.

  6. I stick with Joy of Cooking, mostly. I’ve also had lots of luck with Martha Stewart recipes.

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