Berry season

Due to our warm temperatures in the San Joaquin Valley, berry season comes early. Strawberry stands open around Easter. I bought a crate weeks ago and made syrup. Blueberries have been ripening for a few weeks and are all over the farmer’s markets. This week blackberries and Boysenberries are in full force. 

The Ladies Who Lunch have developed a tradition–when Berry Lady Farms sends us an email that the blackberries are ready, we make plans to head to Kingsburg, first for brunch and then out to the farm to stock up. Only one of us couldn’t make it this year:

We loaded SUVs and a pickup with our selections of blueberries, blackberries, and the most amazing Boysenberries grown anywhere. 

Some of the berries get frozen for later use. Lots get eaten immediately. I made blackberry syrup. Others make jam. A few cobblers are rushed into the oven. I worked on these little bites of yumminess:

I need to refine my method for the puff pastry shell, but the experiment tasted pretty good. 

My kitchen got a workout what with juicing berries, boiling syrup, cooking the cream filling, and baking puff pastry. The dishwasher ran three times. 

Next up…peaches. 


13 responses to “Berry season

  1. Good friends – good times!

  2. Nice photo of all of you.
    And you are quite the cook!

  3. you are making the most of the season!

  4. You are amazing, Delaine! That looks absolutely scrumptious. I miss going strawberry picking in Wisconsin and blueberry picking in Michigan.

    • I’m not a pick-your-own kind of gal. We have some of those places here in the area, but I go to the places that have already picked, cleaned, and packed the berries for me.

  5. Berries are the best! My strawberries are just getting ripe, and we have fresh ones everywhere at this time of year. The best part of summer! 🙂

    • Our local grocery store gave away a box of strawberries to their loyal customers. These strawberries were grown on the coast, though, because the local ones don’t ship. They have to bought and used the same day that they are picked.

  6. Oh, my mouth is watering. What fun.

  7. I love berries. That dessert looks divine.

  8. Id love to try one of your puff pastries!

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