To nap or not to nap?

While teaching, I often took afternoon naps. Sometimes after school, but mostly on weekends, especially Sunday afternoons. During the summer I would sometimes lie down during the hot afternoon and doze off. I just assumed, once retired, I would continue to nap, off and on. It hasn’t happened.

I rarely take a nap. There are days, when it’s very quiet and warm, that I will doze off while reading. When teaching I could easily fall asleep while watching tv in the evening. That doesn’t happen in retirement. During the school year, if we took a car trip, I would fall asleep in the front seat. I stay awake for our trips now. So, what’s different?

When teaching, my days were jam-packed. I started at 5 each morning, earlier on department chair or field trip days. During yearbook production I was rarely home before 4:30 and then I would fix dinner and do a few chores. By bedtime, I was exhausted. Bedtime came earlier and earlier as the year progressed. The weekends gave little relief as those were the days I did laundry, grocery shopping, household chores, and prepared for the next school week. Oh, I get tired just thinking about all that I did. Maybe I will need a nap today!

I’m not busy now. I’m not exhausted at the end of the day. I can spread my household chores out all week long. I still go to bed early, but I’m rarely up at 5 a.m. I get up when I wake up. (I must admit to waking up at 5 twice during the past week just because…) There is no need to nap.

The temperatures were too hot yesterday to be outside. After making jam, cooking bean soup, dusting the front half of the house, and doing a couple of loads of laundry, I sat on the couch in the afternoon, reading. The house was quiet. The fans were all whirring. I nodded off.


15 responses to “To nap or not to nap?

  1. I love my sleep but am not much of a napper, never have been. I do doze off in my chair sometimes, but I take that as an excuse to get up and go to bed! Your previous activity level makes me tired just reading about it. 🙂

    • See, I call dozing off in ones chair a nap. Terry does this often in the afternoon.

      All I can figure, about that activity when i was teaching, was that I was much younger. After I got into my 50s, that toil got harder and harder to keep up. That’s why I left at 58. I was tired.

  2. I think we all need a purpose suitable to our stage in life.

  3. Sometimes I just need to get prone. It’s as good as a nap!

  4. Both my husband and I take naps now. Actually, it’s mostly me. I just get really tired in the afternoon.

    • I’m not so much physically tired as mentally tired in the late afternoons. After 4 pm I get very quiet and want to retreat from the world. My outgoing personality just goes away.

  5. I never nap, although sometimes I nod off in my chair. I rise with the sun and go to bed between 9 and 10. Tried napping, it did not work for me. David lays down every day now, but he almost 87, so maybe I will when I am his age.

  6. When I was working, I would get sick from exhaustion. I haven’t felt that way in ages.
    Here’s to retirement!

  7. Less stress. I never napped before I retired. Now I retire to a nap often. 🙂 Great entry.

  8. I like to rest in bed periodically throughout the day, not really falling asleep. It helps my back, my eyes, and my brain.

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