Food delivery

It can be pretty miserable in the house when the temperatures are over 100 degrees outdoors and I crank the oven in the house up to 400 degrees. I was glad for the cooler weather on Thursday since I used the oven and the stove all day long. The house was warm, but not miserable.

Since I am on the deacon’s committee at church I get calls to supply food for various causes–funeral meals, Sunday morning coffee fellowship, and as was the case on Thursday, dinner for convalescing members and their family. Since I had an abundance of produce from this week’s csa box, I decided to build a meal around that.

Potatoes were boiled and made into a salad. Apricots were cut up into a pie. Green beans were blanched and almondened. To the produce I added chicken  baked in white wine and pilaf made from scratch. I packaged everything around 4 pm and delivered it to the family whose wife and mother had surgery a few days earlier. I was surprised to see her up and about when the front door opened.   She had been released the day after surgery and told to stay upright and to walk. She seemed to be doing okay.

Her husband was grateful for the food delivery. “I don’t have to eat a bowl of cereal tonight.”

7 responses to “Food delivery

  1. Good for you! That sure sounds like a wonderful meal. I would have been grateful, too 🙂

  2. You do good things.

  3. The recipe I chose for dinner called for baking eggplant at a high heat before mixing it in with other ingredients. I decided to modify it and cook everything on the stove to avoid heating up the kitchen.

  4. Amazing and wonderful. My friend Kathy does similar work here in our neighborhood. When David was released one day after a knee replacement last fall, I was the caretaker and Kathy came over and brought food. Keep up the good work.

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