Cool summer morning

On a typical summer morning, after rising, I walk through the house turning on fans, turning off the alarm system, opening drapes, but rarely opening windows. The heat and dirty air of a San Joaquin Valley day prohibit that. The air conditioning, set at 80 degrees, often comes on at 6 a.m.  

Not this morning. We have had a push of marine air into our valley. The breezes have cleaned the air and the temperatures have dropped. There is even a cloud cover this morning. 

Although I have turned on fans, I’ve also opened the windows. The temperature in the house has dropped to 70 degrees. Terry, out hand-watering certain yard areas and wearing shorts, claims to be “freezing.”  We are loving the weather. 

Hoping for more open-window days this summer. 


7 responses to “Cool summer morning

  1. The area outside your windows looks very nice. Hope the good weather holds up for you.

  2. Gosh, it sure looks pretty. Glad you got your marine push and that it actually seems cold at 70! 🙂

  3. glad it cooled down!

  4. Glad you are getting some respite from the Valley heat . Your yard looks so pretty.

  5. Happy to hear it cools off once in a while. Enjoy your day.

  6. A perfect morning.

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