Hey, Mr. JellyBelly, can I have a job?

Ah, this blog post was written over 6 years ago. I never heard from Jelly Belly, not even a letter telling me I was not qualified for the job. Oh, well, even though I would have been really good at this, it wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, I am putting more of my energy into my school chaplaincy. The kindergarten teacher and I are discussing doing a yearbook for the school. The 4th grade teacher who I helped with the mission project last year is thinking of how we can do it next year and bring in even more help for the other 4th grade classes.

So, I guess Jelly Belly lost out.

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While perusing photos on Flickr, I found a photo of the JellyBelly motorhome that travels around and hands out candy.  This inspired me to write to JellyBelly and ask for the job promoting their product.  I think I would be great at this job, driving around the country and talking to people and handing out candy.  Terry could drive the RV and take pictures and I could talk to people.  JellyBelly would be the talk of any town when we arrived.  I would be willing to dress up as a jelly bean to get even more attention.  However, because it’s JellyBelly, I think people would come out in droves for this great treat.

So, keep your eyes peeled, you never know when I might arrive with jelly beans for your town!

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7 responses to “Hey, Mr. JellyBelly, can I have a job?

  1. God bless you and the 4th grade

  2. You are a fun person!

  3. You were meant to be a school chaplain, and even though this would have been fun, I think right now you are saving lives! 🙂

  4. Everything happens for a reason.

    • Very true. God takes good care of me. I was surprised when I saw that this post, written so long ago, was suddenly getting a lot of views. So, I went back to read it and had to chuckle. I was still teaching when I wrote it, and from that school room perspective, traveling around the country, handing out jelly beans, seemed to be great fun.

  5. Cool, and fun! But sometimes you need to rest too!

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