Eating takes a lot of time

There is no eating around here today and tomorrow. Just drinking liquids. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy Wednesday at noon. I ate very lightly on Sunday and Monday, but had cooked a variety of foods so Terry would have something to eat while I sat out the meal times. Starting on Tuesday morning I only drank clear liquids along with the 64 ounces of laxative mix that will clean out my system.

What I have found today is that staying out of the kitchen, preparing food, eating food, and cleaning up, gave me lots more time and energy to do other things. I did laundry, cleaned the patio, and read. I never had to stop to think about what to cook. I never had to stop to fix food. I worked right through lunch time, and as  dinner time drew near, I just went on doing what I had been doing.

Terry came home and heated up leftovers for his dinner. As he cleaned up, he asked if I had run the dishwasher since there was so little in it.

“No, I just didn’t eat anything or cook anything all day.”

I’ve had friends tell me they only run their dishwasher every two or three days. Now I’ve figured out how they do it. They don’t eat! Not eating makes life much simpler.


15 responses to “Eating takes a lot of time

  1. Good for you, doing the colonoscopy! I’m trying to get my brother to do it. When I saw your title about eating taking up a lot of time, I thought you were talking about my granddaughter. Gracious! She is the slowest eater around.

  2. True! I cook a bit more often now because had to help my mom with her diet. It does take a LOT of time! 🙂

  3. We eat simply and spend very little time preparing food. My hubby just steamed a bunch of collards and kale from our garden, and it will keep us going for several days. I like not cooking! Good luck on your colonoscopy. 🙂

    • So all you ate today was greens? I like variety. Guess that’s why I spend so much time with food. I makes plans for our meals. I shop for the groceries. I put away the groceries. I prepare and cook the food. Eating it seems to take the least amount of time!

  4. I find I hand wash more things and run the dishwasher less. Good luck on the colonoscopy.

    • I housesat for a friend who did not have a dishwasher. I handwashed every dish, glass, utensil as soon as I was finished using it. I cannot tolerate dishes in the sink or on the counter. That’s why I love a dishwasher. I just put every dirty item in there, out of sight. It’s my OCD.

  5. good luck with this one!

  6. One of the guys I work with has given up cooking. He says he is going to eat out every single meal.

    • I don’t think eating out all the time is very healthy. I don’t purchase processed foods, either, so it takes more ingredients and more cooking to make our meals.

  7. The only reason I cook is because I have a husband. Without him, I would eat sandwiches or eat out. I can’t see myself fixing elaborate meals for only myself.

  8. We ran out of dishwasher detergent yesterday. I buy a box of 90 disks every 3 months, but some how we used them a month early. That’s 90 disks in 60 days. I think you found the solution!

  9. I hope it all went well.

  10. Good on you, getting a colonoscopy.
    I would cook, even if I had no one to cook for. It’s one of my pleasures in life. We are lucky enough to have a farmers’ market year round, not a fancy yuppie one but one where the produce is cheaper and fresher than in the supermarkets. Slow cooked meat and fast cooked or roasted veggies and rice or pasta and a green salad is mostly the way I go.

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