The colonoscopy and beyond

That colonoscopy mentioned in the previous post turned out just fine. The doctor and I had discussed ways to make the cleanout easier. That was my complaint the last time. It wasn’t the procedure itself (very easy), but the prep for the procedure (absolute misery) that made me put off doing this. I was actually only one year (!) off from when it was recommended to do again. The prep this time was much easier, less uncomfortable, and I actually got lots done the day of the prep, rather than just sitting in the bathroom.

There was more sedation given for the procedure this time, which didn’t matter to me one way or the other. I was just more groggy on the way home, and I took a nap as soon as I got home.

The next day we were off to see the grandkids. We took them to Santa Rosa, to the Charles Schulz Museum, where Snoopy lives! The trip was also a Father’s Day gift to Terry as he is a big Snoopy fan, especially Joe Cool. We had a good time, getting to eat lunch at The Warm Puppy Cafe, which overlooks the Snoopy ice skating rink that Charles Schulz built in the 70s. I have some darling photos, on my phone and uploaded to Instagram, but am unable to place them here as the grandkids are now at our house and they are using my phone to watch videos.

We brought Judah and Leeya back to Fresno for a few days so their parents could get some rest. It’s been quite an adventure for them as the school year ended. Leeya broke her thumb and now has a cast on her wrist, same wrist as the one she broke two years ago. She also fell in their yard and hit a brick edging, hurting her back. I would like to say we have remained injury-free while they have been at our house, but Terry and Judah took a tumble Sunday afternoon while playing with a large truck that Judah can ride in while Terry pushes him. Fortunately, no major injury, just some scrapes.



6 responses to “The colonoscopy and beyond

  1. I am glad your colonoscopy went well.

  2. Yes, sometimes adventures can be painful. So glad the colonoscopy went well.

  3. I had heard that the prep has been getting better and I’m glad to hear it all turned out well. I almost said “came out well” but thought that would be tacky. I love the sound of the Warm Puppy Cafe. Glad nobody got terribly hurt but I’m sorry that Leeya has to have a cast during summer. 😦

    • Leeya should get the cast off in two more weeks, if all goes well. That’s when we will see them again for a week of Vacation Bible School.

  4. glad your colonoscopy went well, sorry about the injuries though.

  5. Wow her bones sure snap easily? Hope all heals soon and no more injuries.

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