The aftermath

The sliding glass door is still covered with handprints. The glasstop tables in the living room have fingerprints mixed with dust and food smears. The guest room bed is still unmade. But the toys have all been cleared from the yard and put back in the box on the patio. Carpets have been vacuumed. The furniture is all back in place.  Although I did load after load of laundry, towels and guest bed sheets still need to be washed.

Tomorrow I will restock the fridge and freezer. Lots of ice cream and popsicles were consumed in the last few days. We ate all the fruit in the house and cleaned out the sandwich makings. Bags of snack items disappeared. It will be a big shopping trip.

The Subaru will go to the car wash to be refilled and shampooed and scrubbed after the carseats were removed and put back in our daughter’s car. Little by little we will get our quiet life back after five days of traveling around the bay area and finally returning to our house in Fresno to finish up the time we had with our small grandchildren. Lots of fun, with lots of disruption and mess-making. Then, in a few weeks, we will do it all again.


6 responses to “The aftermath

  1. This is a special time of life, it is!

    • Yes it is and we will relish every minute. In another few years these children will find the grandparents’ house to be boring. We are taking advantage of every minute with these precious children.

  2. Glad to hear you are almost back to normal. It sure doesn’t sound very relaxing to me, but then again, you get to give them back at the end. 🙂

    • Best part! Our daughter actually spent the day with us here in Fresno before driving away at sunset with the kids. She wanted to travel in cooler air than our 100 degree day times.

  3. Grandmotherhood…why grandmothers are grey and smiling?

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