Waylaid plans

From yesterday’s post you may recall that I had plans to get the Subaru washed this morning and then restock the food supplies. Small children had left a strew of crumbs in my car and empty shelves in my kitchen. Things got changed around, though.

Now, you must remember this, for the past five days we have been driving, driving, driving. About 650 miles, all told, what with round trips from San Mateo to Santa Rosa and Fresno to San Mateo. Freeway traveling. High speed traveling. The car packed with small children, suitcases, bags of snack foods, toys, books.

Today, the Subaru was empty of all paraphernalia as it was going to be washed. Only a few blocks from the carwash, I thought I hit a pothole. Our city streets are notorious for these. But something didn’t seem right. There was a sound that continued after the pothole was passed. A sound that made me feel very uncomfortable. I turned onto a side street, got out, and found a flat tire!

AAA came in about 20 minutes and changed the tire. The technician noted that my spare tire was in such good shape but the tires on the car were worn. After the spare was put on, I drove in the opposite direction from the carwash to the tire store from where I had bought those tires about six years ago. Sure enough, they had 62,123 miles on them. The technician there told me I had certainly gotten my money’s worth.

“Replace them with the same tire,” I commanded. If they had done such a good job for the last six years, I wanted more just like them. (By the way, I have the type of car that has to have all four tires replaced at the same time.) It took about an hour to have the work done. I chatted with another customer during the wait, discovering that we had friends in common. Fresno is a small world.

When the technician called my name and gave me the invoice, he also gave me an envelope to mail in for a $60 rebate. I’ll take that.

Finally, I could continue on to the get the car washed. The grocery shopping can wait until tomorrow. Right now I am home, with air conditioning running, and feeling so thankful that the flat tire happened today on a city street and not a few days ago on the side of a freeway.


7 responses to “Waylaid plans

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–everything happens for a reason. As inconvenient as it was for you to change your plans today you were meant to get that flat tire today and not last week.

  2. nice to have 4 new tires and the flat luckily didn’t happen while you had the kids.

  3. So glad there is AAA in the world, and they don’t lie when they suggest your tires are worn. Glad you are ok.

  4. Goodness, AAA on its toes, what a shock. We’re using something David purchsed through AARP.

    • AAA, or CSAA as it’s known in California, takes excellent care of me. We have car insurance with them, too, and one phone call takes care of everything. I do all my DMV stuff at their office as they are much more efficient.

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