The last Friday in June

Although the afternoons are hot, our mornings are so lovely. Best time to work outdoors if one is not running errands. Today, the last Friday of the month, is just such a day for me. I’m staying home all day and getting chores accomplished. 

First up was the patio. It’s been less than 2 weeks since I stripped it down and washed off a few months of dirt, but it looked pretty grimy after the grandkids left. 

It’s not fun to move all of the furniture from the patio, but necessary to be able to wash off the dirt. I like the look of the stripped down patio but it’s not too functional in its bare state. 

After the cement pad has dried, I’m going to let our 4 kittens run amuck on it. They have been terrorizing our house the last few days. We have another week before we can turn them in to a rescue organization. I hope they can find good homes for them as they really are sweet kittens to whom we devoted much time and love. The mother cat gets neutered on Monday and I guess we will keep her as she actually belongs in the neighborhood. I took her in to have the kittens so they wouldn’t be feral and add even more to the cat population. 

Tomorrow will be hot AND a Saturday but Terry and I have errands to run. I usually try to stay away from stores on the weekends so as not to be in the way of those who work during the week and have ONLY the weekend to shop.  Our goat soap purveyor is coming into town to set up a “pop-up” shop at Pottery Barn for only a few hours, and since our soap supply is low, this will be a good opportunity to get more without having to make the usual trip into the hills. And, since Pottery Barn is in a shopping center with other merchants we frequent, we’ll do some other shopping, too. 

The clean patio with the furniture back in place. 


6 responses to “The last Friday in June

  1. I don’t think I would survive for long in that heat, at my advanced age. I seem to get too warm when it goes much above 70 degrees 🙂

  2. I do like that pretty outdoor furniture. We can’t have such things, because they would rust out here, so we have to make do with plastic chairs.

  3. My goodness, that patio was a mess. Hard to believe those grandchildren could drag so much dirt on it. Love the kitten part of your post. Photos?

  4. After our last cat died, we decided not to have any more pets.
    Nice clean patio and beautiful furniture too.

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