Thankful for a key fob that opens the doors

I know it’s happened to others before, and I’m sure it will happen again, but today was my turn to forget where I parked my car. Actually, I didn’t forget, I just couldn’t locate it in the place I thought I left it. Made me a bit nervous for a moment, as you can imagine, especially since I had only a short time before purchased the license plate tag for 2017 for the car.

After leaving AAA with my car tag I decided it would be a good time to purchase greeting cards since my supply of birthday cards had completely run out. I’m well-known for my card-sending, and I know there are birthdays coming in July for which those cards would be necessary. A bit cooler today, too, with the temperature at noon only 90 degrees. I could make it home after buying cards before the real heat hits around 3 p.m. I still parked far out in the lot so as to make myself walk more steps. I walked directly down the row of parked cars and into the store, thinking to myself I could come straight out of the store and walk back to the car. That’s where I went wrong. Thinking I’d remember.

When I came out of the store, after purchasing a handful of cards, two sticker books for the grandchildren, and a book for me, I turned left and crossed into the parking lot. I knew exactly how far out I had parked, but when I got out there, no Subaru. Shocked, I looked around, but there were no cars parked anywhere in that area.

Now, Fresno is known for car thefts. At one time we were number one in the nation for car thefts. We often find ourselves number one for things that aren’t good. Like the meth-producing area of the nation. Children living in poverty. Bad air. But, I thought, why would anyone steal a Subaru. I grabbed my car keys and pushed the fob twice to unlock the car. I heard a distinct beep-beep, so I knew the car was still in the lot. The thieves hadn’t gotten it too far!

Actually, there were no thieves. I was right. No one steals Subarus. Toyotas, yes. Hondas, yes. Even Mercedes Benz. But not Subarus. I was just three rows too far away. There sat my car, right where I left it.

Upon arriving home, I took the car license tag and immediately put it on the back license plate. At least if someone steals the Subaru, its tag is up-to-date.


9 responses to “Thankful for a key fob that opens the doors

  1. so glad all is well, not stolen!

  2. Oh my gosh. You had a senior moment.

  3. I couldn’t find my car one upon a time and had to call hubby to help me find it. I then got myself one of those apps to mark where I parked but I’ve never lost it since, and that was years ago. I don’t have a key fob that opens doors, but I sure wish I did!!!!! 🙂

    • It does come in handy when you are looking for your car! Also, I like to have the door(s) open when I get to the car. It’s really helpful when we have the grandchildren with us.

  4. I’m a creature of habit and always try to park in approximately the same place. That’s helped out a lot.

  5. HaHaHa Read your post to David. Where does she live, he says. I say Fresno, although I already told him. That’s CA says he, proud of himself because he either heard me or could remember where it was!

    Ahhh sticker books. Those were the days. Buy them luggage today so they can travel. Concentrating on the baby items and having fun.

    • I bought luggage for the grandkids years ago when Leeya started coming to stay with us. They both have rolling suitcases they can pack and transport themselves.

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