For what ails me

I finally got out in the backyard to do that pruning I wanted to do earlier in the week. The bug bites have calmed down and most are no longer visible. Not wanting to get any more, I used citronella oil on my top parts and OFF on my lower extremities. Terry claimed the OFF would work better, but I didn’t want that stuff near my face. The bugs stayed away so I’m guessing OFF and citronella are effective. Perhaps equally effective.

My sciatica has been acting up this week even though I continue to do the exercises that I started almost 10 years ago. I’m seldom in any kind of discomfort but earlier in the week I found I was in pain by the end of the day. What was I doing differently?

It was those bug bites! I had been lounging on the couch, with my body turned sideways, my legs and feet stretched out in front of me. Because the bites were so uncomfortable, I was not moving very much. Not a wise thing to do. The way I was sitting stretched my sciatic nerve in a most unpleasant way. By night time it was screaming.

Now I’m sitting on the couch, or a chair, as I’m supposed to, with my bottom on the seat and my feet on the floor. I also get up every few minutes to move around and do some of those household chores I’ve been neglecting.

Bug bites and sciatica. What a week. Citronella and more movement seem to be the cures for what ails me.


6 responses to “For what ails me

  1. I didn’t think citronella really works, would’ve gone for the OFF myself, but if you say so. My back was a bit stiff today, it was humid hot and sunny out.

    • Our local paper just ran an article on the effectiveness of citronella in keeping the bugs away. Then, last night, I soaked a cottonball in the oil and put it on the floor near where we thought a cricket had taken up residence. Darn thing had been singing for two nights. Right after I put out the cottonball, the cricket stopped chirping and we haven’t heard it since. I’m going with citronella oil for now.

  2. I’m feeling stiff, too, but it was because I didn’t a hard hike yesterday. I get a massage today which will take out the rest of the stiffness! I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  3. You poor thing. I have Sciata too, so can sympathize. My doc says its from a nerve in my back.

    • Yes, the sciatic nerve. I do a variety of stretches to keep it from bunching up and pinching and then hurting. However, bad behavior, like too much sitting and not enough movement, can create quite a flair-up. It takes awhile to calm it back down. Hope you are able to manage yours so the pain is minimized.

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