Grief relief

This past week has broken my heart too many times. I am so sad, so depressed, so unhappy. So much so that if I was going to be around next week I would go see my doctor and ask her to recommend an antidepressant or something to shake the depression. Maybe my plans for the week are better though–a dose of grandchildren.

We will be helping our daughter with Vacation Bible School each day from 9-1. Terry runs the sound board and does the photography for the event. I will make sure small grandchildren are there on time (parents have to be there ahead of time for their tasks) and then I will show a video and teach a brief lesson for four rotations of students each day. The afternoons will be filled with grandparent activities with these small children until the parents arrive home in the evening. Terry and I will collapse each night, completely exhausted. Should keep me from thinking about world events and feeling sad.


6 responses to “Grief relief

  1. I hear you. I am very sad with a heavy heart also about the world around me. I don’t suffer much from depression, but that is partly because of my constant exercise, surrounded by friends and talking to them really helps. 😦

    • During the summer I see very few people except for Sunday mornings at church. Every thing and body seems to go on hiatus around here. Even my group of friends is hard to put together for any sort of outing as they all seem to be involved with doctor’s appointments or travel.

  2. We are all processing so much! We should all feel better as we move forward with new commitment to one another in this country. So many more people care than the few doing damage. Together we will solve this

  3. I feel the same sadness that you do, my kids are watching viral videos depicting some of the terrible events in the US recently, I am wimping out and not reading or watching. Still I manage to hear most of it.

  4. I hit a low with this, too, but am bouncing back. Seeing the photo of Leshia Evans confronting the riot police is the turnaround for me. It really lifted my spirits.

  5. Delaine it is heartbreaking and we would all be better off without TV I think. I feel for the cops who lay their lives on the line for us everyday.

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