Home again

Vacation Bible School wrapped up at noon. We  made the 3-hour drive home from San Mateo in 3 1/2 hours. Not bad since the traffic was very heavy and we made one stop for Terry to get coffee. Starbucks in Gilroy had just started a new pot when he walked in the door, so he got the coffee for free to compensate for the wait.

We got home to Fresno and 103 degree temperatures. Although the cats had spent the week outdoors, they seemed to have survived pretty well. Two of the cats have not appeared and one has moved from the backyard to the front porch. The kitten and his mother did very well, and the kitten has grown like a weed. My neighbor, who took care of the cats for us, told me that the kitten got stuck in the pear tree which freaked out his mother who got on the roof and cried loudly until my neighbor came over and helped the kitten to get down. She said she spoiled them. That’s okay, we spoil our grandcats while visiting our daughter.

Terry and I are sitting here, watching the news, something we haven’t done in a week. We never got back to our hotel room in time for the news. I was changing the station, and having not done it for a week, I forgot how to change back to the original station. I’m not very technically advanced, but sheesh, one week away and I forget how to change stations. (In explanation, we have two remote controllers, and I forgot which one I was supposed to use.)

We have a week to rest and get laundry done before going back to San Mateo to pick up the grandchildren. They will spend a week with us in Fresno while their parents are doing some awesome things. Jennifer is taking a group of young people to San Francisco to work with City Team, helping homeless citizens. Chad will be working at Redwood Glen Camp on various projects. Judah and Leeya will have a week of spoiling with their grandparents as Chad’s mother will also take them to her house for part of the week. Summer is a time to stay busy and have lots of fun.


6 responses to “Home again

  1. It sounds like a busy time and fun!

  2. Lucky you to have your grandkids so close. I enjoyed that for 12 years with my granddaughters, but grandsons live far away in CA.

  3. Summer is a time to give back so wonderfully. How grand the kids can stay with you…that’s a special thing.

  4. Sounds very busy. Teach your grandkids to wait on you. That’s what I’m doing!

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