Summer in the city (or the suburbs)

Settling back into routine this week has not been easy. Terry thinks I stepped on something; I think a creature bit me, but whatever caused it, I had a large, red, sore, bump on my left foot late Saturday evening. I had spent the day doing laundry, grocery shopping, and yard work. Who knows what happened, but my foot was so sore I couldn’t comfortably walk any longer so took myself to bed after spreading tea tree oil on the offending foot.

Although still sore on Sunday, it was better. I decided to stay home from church and keep applying tea tree oil. There was too much to do on Monday to be crippled by this red bump. With rest and treatment, I was able to make my Monday commitments–a tour of Kearney Mansion and Ladies Who Lunch.

The tour turned traumatic. I knew I would be guiding a group of older people through the house, but this group of 15 had only five in the group able to stand and climb stairs. The others were in wheelchairs, walkers, or just unable to stand. Those had to remain downstairs while I took the others upstairs. While upstairs, one of the ladies suffered a seizure, and in going back downstairs threw up in the entry way. It became chaotic and I had to leave the one group to get the leader of this group back to the office and make sure paramedics had been called. There was mayhem in the entry way as I finished the tour with those who were able and made my departure as seamlessly as possible.

I had to sit in my car for a few minutes before attempting to drive across town for lunch. I was quite shaken by the whole thing, having never had anything like this happen in my four years of tours. Of course, the majority of my tours are with school children, but none of them have become this ill or caused so much chaos.

It was a 45 minute drive across town, through noon-time traffic,  to meet my friends for lunch. This is the group with whom I taught all those many years. We are beginning to fall apart, physically. In the group of eight who met on Monday, 1 had hand surgery, 1 had foot surgery, 1 has had a pacemaker installed, 1 is awaiting major back surgery. Fortunately, I am still quite mobile so I took the foot surgery patient home after lunch as I could lift her wheelchair in and  out of my car. Saved her husband coming out. He has his own health issues.

Maybe it was the bump on the foot, or maybe it was Monday’s traumatic experiences, but by Tuesday I was sick. Headache, upset stomach, fever. Ached all over and had little energy. For someone who rarely naps, I took two naps on Tuesday, and went to bed at my usual time and slept like a rock all night.

I’m glad this week has no other plans except for getting ready to go get the grandkids on Sunday for their stay with us next week. And next week can have none of this trauma and chaos because it’s forecast to be 106 degrees while they are here. That alone will be enough!


9 responses to “Summer in the city (or the suburbs)

  1. My goodness. What a day. I know its rude to laugh, but the thought of a bunch of seniors creating more chaos then kids seems amusing. Not to you I am sure.

    As for the bump on your foot, I had one too. turned out to be a skin cancer on top of a cyst on top of a bone spur. hope yours is not as complex to unravel, Arthritis can do this also….just a thought!

  2. What a disaster that tour was! You were quite the trooper, though. And I’m glad you’re getting better after all that.

  3. Oh dear oh dear, glad you survived the week.

  4. It could be a bug bite and the reaction to it. So hope you are better today.

  5. Too bad about the tour. Nothing like that has happened to me, and I have toured the world.

    • These older adults would not be able to tour the world. Although they all still live on their own, they have difficulty of some sort in getting around, standing and walking, and I don’t think they would be able to manage luggage.

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