Too hot in the middle of California

Although it is only in the 60s in San Francisco, the San Joaquin Valley is baking under a relentless sun and in very bad air at 109 degrees. Our daughter is enjoying those cool bayside temps while her children are melting in Fresno with their grandparents this week. Jennifer is on a mission trip with a group of young people from her church, serving those who live in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. Our son-in-law is also in a cooler clime as he is working at a camp just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. How they managed to escape this valley and stay away, yet Terry and I cannot, perplexes me.

The grandkids have been here all week. Yesterday the other grandma picked them up to spend the night with her. They are having some adventures in the foothills today and will return to sleep one more night under our roof before their dad shows up tomorrow, in the middle of a 109 degree day, with no air conditioning in his car, to take them home. I’ll pack plenty of ice in their water bottles.

School, both for the grandkids and the locals, will be in full swing in three weeks.  We went out very early on Tuesday to the mall to buy school shoes. Made one stop at the grocery store and then a mad dash home. The dishwasher repair man was on his way, calling while we checked out at Sprouts to let us know he could be there an hour earlier than planned.

Just as the grandkids showed up on Sunday, our 7-year old dishwasher decided to misbehave. The water would not pump out properly. A new pump plus other pieces of equipment have been ordered but in the meantime we are able to use the dishwasher since the repairman cleaned out a lot of gunk that was impeding the water pump. For a few years I used a bargain dishwasher detergent which turned out to not be such a bargain after all. For decades I had used Cascade, but someone told me the Target brand was just as good, so I started using it. The repairman said to use the pods, not loose detergent, and not to use the bargain stuff. Lesson learned. I’m hoping that the replacement parts will give us another 7 years of use. Looking at new dishwashers, and realizing they are now close to $1,000, did not make me very happy.



10 responses to “Too hot in the middle of California

  1. gosh too bad about the dishwasher, I do sympathize having just paid $$ to fix our clogged kitchen faucet. back to school in 3 weeks, wow, that was fast

  2. This summer if flying by! I haven’t had a dishwasher for so many years I don’t remember what they are like! I didn’t even have one when I ran my in home daycare. Now, that was a lot of dishes lol!

    • I cannot handle dirty dishes sitting in the sink. Don’t even mention the counter. I want my counter free of everything. So, not having a dishwasher would just make my anxiety levels higher. Terry was very good about keeping the dishes washed as he knew it would bother me. I would wash a dish, utensil, bowl, as soon as I used it.

  3. I do hope your dishwasher can be fixed. That is a lot of money to shell out for a new one. And I cannot even imagine the heat you are experiencing right now. Years ago I traveled in a car without A/C from Colorado to California in the middle of summer. We traveled mostly at night and slept in air conditioned hotel rooms during the day. But we made it! 🙂

    • The heat is wearing on me. Even though I seldom go outdoors except to water the lawns, feed the cats, or run errands very early in the day, it is hard to breath, what with the heat and the bad air. Even indoors, and with air conditioning, you can tell something is amiss with the air.

  4. We also have a dishwasher, but still use Cascade liquid detergent. Works for us.

    • I always used powder. Liquid may work differently. We also have very hard water here. It’s pumped from underground. Some friends have water softners but we do not. The repairman said the poor quality dishwasher soap, along with the hard water, was more than the machine could handle. A friend recently had a problem with her dishwasher because she rarely used it. Turns out, the parts dry out and crack if not regularly used.

  5. I love the way we switch products when someone tells us something else works as well or better and might even be less expensive.

    Ha Ha, David just left for the grocery store and the dog decided I was the only available lap, so he jumped onto my knees and discovered it was cold. (Ice pack on an inflamed tendon.)

    • It was the less expensive part that enticed me to change. Living on a teacher’s pension versus a teacher’s salary has made me rethink many purchases.

  6. Sometimes we are penny-wise and pound foolish. Now that the Brits are restoring their old currency, that expression works again. My sister with no husband is also trying to survive on a teachers pension. And you must know that benefits in Baton Rouge LA are much lower.

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