Turning the page on the calendar


I always turn the calendar page a few days before the end of the month. Sometimes as much as a week before because I want to start planning for what’s coming next. There are appointments to make and birthdays to remember. Meeting dates and places to check along with church events that may have been forgotten.

It was a busy couple of weeks here so I’m just getting around to turning to August on this next to the last day of July. For being such a long month, July flew right by. We were just celebrating Independence Day and now the month is over. Because the heat has been unbearable, I have stayed close to home these final days of the month. Our grandchildren left around 1 yesterday afternoon, and Terry and I just crashed for the rest of the afternoon. It didn’t occur to me that August was coming up fast.

The furniture is now back in place. The laundry has been done. It will undoubtedly be months before the grandchildren are here again. They will have a week’s school vacation in October so we may see them then. But, until then, it will be calm around here. We will resume our regularly scheduled programming as the final calendar pages of the year flip past.



6 responses to “Turning the page on the calendar

  1. Yes, it amazes me how quickly the weeks and months are flying by. They have the same length in actuality, but it sure doesn’t feel like it, does it? Hope it cools down for you soon. 🙂

  2. you are so organized!

  3. Wow. July went like a shot for us, too. We have experienced a lot of hot weather in the Northwest, but nothing like what you are enduring. Seems to take a lot out of me these days, though.

  4. Good that you and Terry are having a reprieve from all of that.

    • July is always a busy month for us. I don’t schedule anything that month, leaving it open for all this activity. Of course, the first two weeks of August just filled up.

  5. You always keep so busy. I’m glad you have been enjoying the grands. I hope the heat relents for you all.

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