Living in the land of plagues

It’s kind of like the land of Egypt around here when Moses kept asking for his people to be set free and Pharaoh kept saying no. God sent plagues. I feel as though we are living in the land of plagues, and I keep wondering which one is next.

The drought has been the worst of the plagues. Trees have died in the forests due to lack of snowfall and the bark beetles (another plague) have infested the weakened wood. Those dry, dead trees are fuel for forest fires (plague 3). The forest fires have made the air bad to breath (plague 4) and then high summer temperatures (plague 5) have baked the air even more and made it almost impossible to be outside beyond noon.

Because many people have cut back on water use (again due to the drought), their water pipes have corroded and lead is leaching into their water at high rates (plague 6). There is a whole area of Fresno that is now dealing with contaminated water because of the city’s water treatment and the residents’  corroded pipes. So far, our area of town is okay, but as I wrote in that opening paragraph, I’m waiting for the next plague.

The drought has caused a large number of beetles to surface. We suffered with them last summer and hoped that they might die off in the winter, but they are back with a vengeance. Because of the increased bug population, the spiders have set up massive webbed communities to feed their increasing numbers (plagues 7 and 8). I have tried using essential oils (citronella and tea tree) to keep them all out of the house. It worked well while we were away for a week. I had been concerned that we would come back to a house of bugs and spiders, but with the oil soaked cottonballs I put out, we dodged that plague. I just have to remember to keep redoing the cottonballs.

I don’t know what God wants us to do, sending all these plagues. We aren’t holding the Hebrews as slaves, but I know we aren’t living as we should be, either. I look across the country and see all the flooding and think of Noah’s time, and again I wonder, what is God telling us?


8 responses to “Living in the land of plagues

  1. I believe God is telling us to get back to basics, love one another, feed the poor and hungry, be good stewards of the earth and stop believing we are God. Unfortunately, many who need to hear this messsage are deaf.

    • I know we are doing a lousy job of caring for the widow, the orphan, and the immigrant which are who Jesus told us to care for. We are pretty self-absorbed. The water issue in Fresno happens to be in an affluent part of town.

  2. That is quite the list of plagues, Delaine. I think California has gotten it the worst these past years with the continuing drought. I don’t think it’s punishment for sins, but punishment for not caring for our planet. Every day there are more people for the earth to sustain. I don’t know the answer. 😦

  3. oh dear, not to mention the Zika virus now in North America

  4. I had been worrying about you up there in the heat. Drought? Down here they are talking about letting us water things again.

    • We are allowed to water 2x a week. The water from our reservoirs has been flowing to Southern California b/c you all did not get the rain we did.

  5. I wish I could send you some water. We have so much of it.

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