Shopping day?

A blog post by my blogger friend Shirley made me question her sanity. She is planning a shopping trip on a Saturday. Not just any Saturday but one right before school starts. Madness, I say.

While working, and having only the weekend to do my shopping, I always wondered why older people were out shopping on those days. They had all week to shop, why torture oneself with a weekend trip to the store? I would also get annoyed with old people in the grocery store on Saturdays who moved too slowly for my frantic pace through the aisles. I just wanted to get my groceries and get home. It was not a social outing for me, but rather another chore in a long list of things that had to be done on my two days off.

My husband often pointed out to me that it was a social event for the elderly, to shop among all the crowds. I didn’t see it then, nor do I see it now when I’m on the elderly side and still not wanting to get my socialization from shopping.

I try to do all my shopping during the week, specifically on Tuesdays. That is the quietest day of the week in the retail world. Early in the morning, too. It’s cooler here at that time. When I can’t make it on a Tuesday, like yesterday, I still get out early in the morning and am home before noon. I find that the streets in Fresno get really busy around 10:30 and traffic just increases from there on.

Heavy traffic wouldn’t bother me so much if everyone was relaxed and drove the speed limits and paid attention to pedestrians, but we seem to have more and more crazed individuals behind the wheel. It takes all of my attention to the roads and sidewalks to make it across town. One of the roads that I travel to my chaplaincy school has all these people who cross wherever and whenever they like. Small children, shopping cart homeless, and animals. Bicycles that dart out of nowhere and expect you to stop on a dime for them.

If you see shopping as a social event, then the weekends are probably the best, but if you are like me and see shopping as a chore, then Tuesday looks pretty good.


10 responses to “Shopping day?

  1. I stock up on produce for the week on Sunday. I can fit everything I need inside two large reusable grocery bags, which makes it easier to move briskly through the crowded aisles.

    • I do my very best to not shop on Sundays. I go back to the day when nothing was open on Sunday and everyone had the day off. I feel we all need a Sabbath.

    • However, my daughter who works on Saturdays and Sundays also shops late on Sunday nights at Whole Foods. Even then, though, it is still crowded with people doing their last minute grocery shopping for the week.

  2. I would avoid crowds where possible!

  3. I rarely go to big box stores on the weekend for just the reason you list here. I don’t get my socializing while shopping, I want it done as quickly as possible! 🙂

  4. Since retiring, all the days of the week seem to meld, so I didn’t think twice about this shopping day being a Saturday. It was just when the mood hit to get it done. BUT now I know why Walmart was so crowded the other night when granddaughter needed to pick something up. It was school shopping. Who knew?

  5. David makes a trip to the food store every day. He loves the people there, they know him and he knows everyone of them by name and all about each of them. He points out so many shortcomings to them when he visits, they should make him an assistant manager. For example, yesterday, he asked for figs which one of the clerks found “in the back.”

    They just came in and we didn’t get them out yet, was their excuse.

    They always say, “See you tomorrow!” When he leaves.

  6. I’m sorry you went through all that upheaval. I have so many friends who have had to leave SF. People are continuing to crowd in, and it’s getting so competitive that it is harder for older people to keep up.
    Our shopping routine in Hilo is fun. We go to the Saturday Farmers’ Market, getting there around 8 a.m. Then we go to a warehouse type food store for bulk items, cheese, etc. and to the big supermarket for everything else. We are back home by 10:a.m. and that’s it. During the week we might go to the health food store for milk, etc. No big crowds, not much traffic. We do very little shopping for consumer goods except online. Keeping it simple works best for us.

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