Around the house 

It’s been hot here–10 days straight over 100 degrees.  We have forest fires raging to the north, the south and the west of our bowl shaped valley making the air quality very bad for all groups. I have stayed indoors, all day most days, to keep as comfortable as possible. 

School started this week and the school where I am chaplain had their back-to-school event late Thursday afternoon, 4:30-6 pm. Hottest part of the day, but that’s okay, the buildings are air conditioned as is my car that takes me across town. 

I arrived in time to introduce myself to the new principal and meet a new first grade teacher. I was saddened to learn that one of the really super teachers I had worked with the last two years has moved into an introductory administration position. She is still at the school, and she will be wonderful at anything she does. We chatted about the position and the opportunity to try something new. She was apprehensive to take it as she loves the classroom, but she felt there would be regrets if she didn’t at least try. I agree. 

Because Thursday was a long day, starting at 5 in the morning and ending at 6 in the evening, I slept in until 7 on Friday, getting a late start on the chores of the day. I made two small batches of jam. 

The first was peach made with very overripe fruit that cooked into the most flavorful concoction. 

After I washed the pot, I got raspberries ready to turn into jam. I had only had 4 cups of berries so it didn’t take too long for the sugar to cook down and thicken the fruit. I filled 3 small jars with jam and even had a spoonful left over to taste. 

After washing my hair this morning, I proceeded to prune shrubbery in the dusty, cobwebbed backyard. Terry had to literally vacuum me off when I got back in the house. I only worked about an hour because it had already gotten hot and it wasn’t even 11 o’clock. Enough outside work for this Saturday. There is plenty to keep me busy indoors what with all the dust that has been accumulating around here. 


6 responses to “Around the house 

  1. Well, I give you credit for keeping busy. It strengthens your mind and body.

  2. I’ve been thinking about you when I hear news reports about the fires. It sound like one of them may be close to being controlled?

  3. That jam looks good! I cannot imagine your heat, since we just finished the third day of MUCH cooler temperatures, and I’m glad to see it leave. 🙂

  4. Gosh so scary about the fires. You have been very busy as usual, your jams sound delicious!

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