Do I look like I need help or is customer service just gotten better?

It’s been awhile since I shopped at Whole Foods so I had a full basket when I finished perusing all the aisles and headed for the checkout counter. Just as I started to unload my bounty onto the conveyor, a young man ran around the counter and said he could help me do that. I thanked him but told him it was good exercise for me to lift and heft all those items. He chuckled and we both unloaded the basket.

He then proceeded to bag the groceries as they came off the scanner. The clerk and I had a discussion about overloading bags. I told them that I didn’t mind heavy bags, again more exercise for me. The bagger said he would load them up for me, then, since I wanted the exercise. Guess I didn’t need his help taking my bags to the car? Thanks, but no, I can handle this.

After getting all the bags into the car, I was just about to turn around and take the basket back to the store (again more exercise), when another young clerk came by and said she would gladly take in my cart. Such good service, but it makes me wonder. Do I look like I need help?


7 responses to “Do I look like I need help or is customer service just gotten better?

  1. lol! I have that happen when shopping on my own. Not so much if my son or daughter are with me. I guess it’s a good thing that people want to be respectful and helpful, but sometimes I wonder if I look feeble? lol

  2. whole foods must be pushing customer service to increase their sales, we get a lot of help here too, sometimes it even escalates to the manager if they can’t find the product in question!

  3. I think it must be a store policy, or at least that store. You certainly don’t look feeble to me! 🙂

  4. David had the same experience here today. I told him they don’t want you dropping dead in their store.

  5. Hey, don’t knock it.
    I got incredible customer service from Amazon. com the other day, over the phone, and the woman who helped me didn’t even know I was old! I thanked her nicely for being such a help, and she thanked me for my kind words.
    If people want to be kind and helpful, let them be that and thank them, too.

  6. Our Whole Foods NEVER offers to take anyone’s bags to their cars, so I’ll never be able to test the notion that age brings better customer service.

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