The weekend shower

No, not a rain cloud in sight. This shower was of the nuptial sort. A wedding shower for this young friend:


I’ve known Caitlin before she was even born. She has a younger brother (still single) and an older sister (married 2 years). Her parents work for the same school district in which I taught. They have not retired yet, but are talking of it. Their kids are all grown and pretty much have flown the nest. Caitlin is a youth pastor at a local church. (Sure wish my daughter would come back to Fresno to do similar work that she now does three hours away, but that is unlikely to happen.)

The shower was hosted by another friend who I have known for almost 40 years. Her daughter grew up before our eyes and now has two small boys. She is a music teacher in the nearby foothill communities. I’m wondering if I’ll be around when those little guys get married.

Caitlin’s wedding will take place at the same camp where our daughter got married. Like Jennifer, Caitlin too worked at Sugar Pine and feels a close affinity to the place. We plan to be there for the ceremony. I will have take bug spray as the critters all seem to enjoy dining out on me. Terry and I have volunteered in previous summers at Sugar Pine and always had to spray ourselves well with repellant before venturing outside.

Many of those who attended Saturday’s shower are members of the church we attended for so many years so it was fun to catch up with many of them. I moved around to different groups, chatting before and during lunch. As we moved into the living room for the gift-opening, I realized there weren’t many seating options so took a seat on the floor. A few teased me about doing that just to show off that I could still get down on the floor. I had to laugh because I get down on the floor every day to do my exercises. Although I can get down without leaning on anything, to get up I need to push off from the floor with my hands.

One of the gifts requested by the bride was his and her yoga mats. When that gift was open, there was quite the conversation about yoga and how good it is for you. The bride’s grandmother, whom I am sitting next to in this photo,

At Caitlin's shower.

commented that she had read where doing yoga could undo a hunched back in elderly people. I had read that, too.

After gifts were opened I excused myself and drove across town to pick up apples from a friend, then went home and made apple cake.


11 responses to “The weekend shower

  1. Lovely! I am now a yoga aficionado and love what it is doing for me. You look very pretty sitting with those ladies, Delaine. 🙂

    • Thank you! I should mention that everything I’m wearing in that photo is from Talbots. Even the shoes, but I don’t think you can much of them.

  2. I love weddings and all that goes with it, lucky you!

  3. I was about to same thing as DJan. You Do look very pretty, Delaine. I’m sure the wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I’ve tried yoga on the mainland, but it’s so expensive here.

  4. You look great. I too can get down on the floor, and I do so frequently at home or when I do Pilates or yoga. It is the getting up that gives me trouble. I love the story of how you have known this lovely girl for so long. Don’t you just love those connections that lasted for years?

    • I’ve heard others say that they can get down but can’t get up. It takes practice. I do it daily and still have to push off the ground with my hands to stand up. Terry, on the other hand, can go down and come back up without any use of hands. His core strength is better than mine and he’s very slender.

  5. Wonderful! I think the posture correction is the best thing about yoga. Yes, as Kay says, you look very pretty and are the kind of person who likes to be with people, and they like to be with you.
    Kay: Does your senior center offer yoga? Ours does, and it’s $10.00 for a ten week session!

  6. Ah yes, yoga. Does wonders. How nice to have a get together with old friends.

  7. It all sounds perfect.

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