But what would we talk about?

Do you attend high school class reunions? Or, for that matter, does your particular class even have reunions? Next Avenue posted an article to Facebook, written by a woman who is getting ready to attend her 50th high school graduation reunion in St. Louis. She is 68 years old and has attended almost all of her reunions, and enjoyed them. I think I can understand why.

The writer goes on and on about all of her high school friends with whom she has either stayed in contact or as made their reacquaintance in the past decades. She seems to know them well, having even seen some face to face in San Francisco where she currently lives. She and her classmates have grown old together, sharing their lives. I cannot say that for my high school friends.

The class of 1970 has had one reunion–the 10th. We enjoyed catching up with one another, but because it had only been 10 years, we still had a lot to connect us. Most of us had finished college, gotten married and started a family. Terry and I had just bought a house so I compared notes with others who were buying homes. One high school friend had a child the same age as Jennifer, and we laughed at how difficult parenthood was, what with a job and taking care of a house.

I have lost touch with ALL my high school classmates. I live only 25 miles from the small town in which I grew up, and some, like me, are still in the area. I don’t see them or hear from them. I’ve not located any of them on social media. Oh, I take that back. One of my closest friends in high school disappeared while in college (literally). It was only decades later that I found him, though Facebook, living in Palm Springs and performing as a drag queen. He is quite beautiful, enviably so. Perhaps he could entertain at a class reunion.

I highly doubt that there will be a 50th class reunion in 2020, and I highly doubt I would go if there was one. We’ve all gone separate ways. Doing different things. Not much in common any more except for those four years we spent at the same high school in a small farm town. What would we talk about?


12 responses to “But what would we talk about?

  1. I’m about the same age as you are and have a pretty close relationship with many of my high school friends. We have one classmate who has planned a reunion every 5 years and we have a great turnout even though many of us have moved away. In fact, 2 years after our last reunion we all turned 60 so had a picnic so that we could get together again because we had had so much fun 2 years before.

    We have a Facebook page for our class and I think we have about 110 members out of a class of 500. We share so many things and offer incredible support to each other as we are facing elder care issues with our parents and even ourselves. I think at this stage in our lives it is less about high school and more about a network of people going through similar things at similar times. We celebrate when our grandchildren are born and cry together when our parents (or classmates) pass away.

    I know it’s different because our school was so much larger but it is something that has become a very important part of our lives.

    • A Facebook page would be terrific. I like keeping track of people through social media, and it does keep the conversation flowing. However, none of my former classmates, except the female impersonator, are on FB. I don’t know why as I love social media & would think many of them would also.

  2. Having grown up as the child of a career military man, we moved so often that I never grew close to any of my high school friends. Sad, but if I went to a reunion nobody would know me, and I wouldn’t know them. Plus the school I graduated from was well over 1,000 in that class. 😦

    • My graduating class had 99. About 10 have died–Vietnam, drugs, drunk driving. Even at the 10 year reunion we had 4 or 5 deaths and one boy who showed up drunk would be dead in a couple of years.

  3. What a fun article! I remember the author from when she wrote for our local newspaper.

    My high school class has had a reunion on the ’10s’. I went to the 10- and 20-year but skipped the 30th. There’s already some planning being done for the 40th reunion next summer, and at this point I’m planning to go.

  4. I never attended any of my reunions. I just had no interest! I was a shy, quiet person and only had 2 friends and they both moved far away, so I didn’t see the point of going.

  5. I didn’t have many friends in my 11 year high school, but when I transfered, I made friends. Two or three of us got together for a while, and now we email.

    1960 to 2016…I’m a little beyond 50. A little.

    • I liked the people I went to high school with. We were friends during those years. A few of us kept in touch for a few years beyond. But somewhere we all went separate ways. I think getting married had something to do with it. Careers took over, too. 1960, heh? Just ten years ahead of me.

  6. I’ve never been to a reunion, my social sister does though and it seems great fun after all those years. With social media it seems to help people find and keep in touch with each other. I am a bit wary of discovering old friends but a couple of these might be ok.

    • We went to my husband’s 20 year reunion. He attended the elite high school in town and many of his classmates are the movers and shakers not only in Fresno but California. It turned out that the wife of one of his high school chums was someone I knew so we spent the evening chatting. Then Terry and I danced and even won the twist contest. That was a fun reunion in many ways.

  7. I have been to several reunions and next Thursday I will have lunch with some of my classmates.

  8. My answer…no I haven’t. Not because I never wanted to…it just didn’t seem convenient whenever they had a class reunion.
    It was nice that my best friends and I did keep in touch for many years even though many of us moved to other states.
    It all was so long ago that we dreamed of our futures and what they would be. I wanted to be a wife and mother. Not overly ambitious some might say…but this was my dream. I went on to have four children, two boys and two girls. My hubby and I celebrated our 45th anniversary this year and we are grandparents and great grandparents…life is good~


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