The calendar turns, the light shifts, another season begins

How quickly September is going. I had planned to write on the first, and here it is, the third already. What has been keeping me busy? Nothing, nothing at all. My calendar was completely blank this past week. No place to go, nobody to see. I baked some apple items–cake and strudel–because a friend gave me lots of apples that a friend had given to her. I shopped–stocking up on grocery and household items to last awhile. I worked in the yards–raking and pruning. The plumber came to put in a new water main turn-off valve to the house and fix a leaking toilet.

Those were the important things I did. Not much. Most of the week was spent reading, writing, preparing materials for the start of storytelling next week at Columbia. Just sitting and contemplating.

I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. Church activities. School chaplain duties. The historical society has me booked in October for tours and a week of  office work leading up to the Civil War reenactment.  But before I get that far, I may have jury duty in September. I’ve received my notice, and I will have to check ahead of time to see if I am to report. It’s been a few years since I was called so I guess it’s time to do my civic duty.

It is cooler and even cloudy today so I won’t be able to watch the light travel through the house at a faster rate than in the summer days. The shorter days are quite noticeable now, what with it still being dark when we get up and the sun gone before we finish watching a couple of tv shows in the evening. And as if I needed a reminder that the season has changed, there is the plethora of football games all around me. High school games on Friday nights. College games on Saturdays. I’m not interested in the sport, but the news, and even social media, is full of these events. It is a new season.


3 responses to “The calendar turns, the light shifts, another season begins

  1. Yes, it is a new season. My favorite: fall. We are having cool and cloudy weather after a couple days of rain. I think maybe I’ll be out pulling weeds out of the garden, since they come right up after a good soaking. 🙂

  2. Americn Football got another F for child health this past week. Seems it damages young bodies. I detest it. Happy Soccer is taking over. even when you are not busy, you are busy.

  3. I’ve noticed the change in the light while I’m out taking photos in the morning light, it’s awesome. I like EARLY fall, but soon it will get colder.

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