To have grit means to be resilient. To stand up for oneself. To bounce back from setbacks. It’s about making wise decisions and not going along with the crowd. These are all concepts we teach in our chaplaincy curriculum with the first graders. The other type of grit is made up of small rocks, sand, dirt. It’s what’s been in our water faucets.

The plumber who was here earlier in the week had to work very hard to get the old water valve off and replace it with a new one that we can now turn off and on.  The old water valve was original to the house, over 40 years old. We can only figure that it had collected grit from the city’s water supply over those years and when the plumber broke it loose, the grit went into the water main and into the our faucets.

Terry has had to clean out the screens and filters in the various household taps, including the washing machine. There was almost a tablespoon of grit in the bucket he had used when he opened up the filter. I was glad to have it cleaned out as there was hardly any water coming into the washing machine. Same thing with the shower head in our bathroom. There was no water pressure until Terry took off the screen and cleaned out the grit.

I guess you could say it takes grit to get rid of grit. To be resilient, make good decisions, and bounce back.


6 responses to “Grit

  1. Oh no, so glad you were able to get everything cleaned out.

  2. I like your saying about needing grit to get rid of grit. So true! And I’m glad you are now back in the flow, so to speak. 🙂

  3. Nice observations. We don’t have much grit, but we do have a lot of slime.

  4. 🙂 What a perfect balance of words and water.

  5. It’s nice to have such a handy husband.

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