Oh, this week

The days have been filled with all sorts of goodness. Both here at home and across town at school. There has been the specter of jury duty hanging around. Every day, at 5 pm, I log onto to the county courthouse site to check my credentials. So far, four days of “check back tomorrow.”

There has been healing going on, too. I had a serious allergic reaction at the end of last week, serious enough to go to ER. The staff stood around, asking me all sorts of questions about new fragrances, foods, soaps, etc. It’s hard to answer when your eyes are swollen and your throat constricted due to whatever has been attacking your system. Nothing new in my life except the conventionally-grown green beans I prepared for dinner. Instead of organic, I took a chance and bought conventional. The staff determined that the chemicals used to grow the beans were not compatible with my body. The prognosis–about 5 days to get back to normal. And stick with organic.

We had pictures taken at church for a pictorial directory the next day. Yes, with my eyes still swollen, I did my best to smile and look good for the camera. Terry and I laughed that this photo would be the one to help us remember to stick with organic food. The proofs actually turned out looking pretty good due to the photographer knowing how to turn my head and light my face.

I again had lunch with the older children at Columbia on Tuesday. The third graders were so excited to fill me in on what they are doing and talk about the food we were eating–raviolis. During 5th/6th grade lunch I chatted with a number of students that I knew from last year. One boy, while in line, turned around and said, “You were my friend in the office last year.” Yes, I had spent many times chatting with him as he sat on the “naughty bench.”

“Have you been in the office this year?” I asked.

“No,” he replied.

I gave him a “Bounce Back Kid” sticker that has been designed by the chaplaincy office for kids who make strides in life no matter the past.

The little right-fighter sat with me on Wednesday, remaining calm and reasonable. The teacher says he is doing better and is not hitting or kicking as much as before. I will check on him again today and am hopeful of a good report.

Not only am I on jury duty stand-by, so is one of the first grade teachers, and on Wednesday she got called to come to the courthouse at 1 pm. She had to scramble to find places to put her 24 students as there were no substitutes available at that time of the day. Her class is the first one I read to so the other teachers arranged for me to have the children sit in the hallway of their first-grade wing to hear the story and then to break up into three groups to go into their classrooms. This group of teachers is wonderful for covering for each other.

I came home Wednesday and cooked a dinner to take to a lady from our church. She has had a couple of strokes and is now home from the hospital but not quite up to fixing meals. I roasted chicken, made pilaf, put together a fruit salad, and baked cherry turnovers for dessert. Terry and I delivered the meal and visited for awhile. She is doing remarkably well for someone in her condition. The doctors just keep ordering more tests as they can’t figure out what’s wrong. She takes it all in stride. I’m sure her positive attitude is helping her.

The weather has turned very cool. Very fall like for these few days. I’m enjoying the coolness because I know we will have a few more near 100-degree days before summer gives up and moves out.


7 responses to “Oh, this week

  1. Yikes! That’s really scary. I hope you can eventually find out what it is you’re allergic too. My daughter had allergy tests and shots to help her with her allergies.

  2. Glad to hear you’re on the mend and will stick with organic from now on. And you are such a valued resource at school! I’m so happy to hear that your hot weather has finally broken. 🙂

  3. sorry to hear about those allergies, yikes.

  4. That directory photo will always bring back memories of what was going on. Glad to hear that you’re on the road to healing.

  5. Happy to hear the little boy you counseled is doing better. Too often these days kids are put on drugs to deal with these issues. When I taght second grade, I had a litttle red-head boy who told me he had issues with wanting to “jump out of his skin.” I thought it was great he understood so much about himself at age 7.

    Sorry about your allergies. David had a similar reacion to cantaloupe years ago. Organic is best I think.

  6. I am so glad you are getting to those kids while they are still small,. Sorry about your allergic reaction. You do really put yourself out for others in a way that is very rare!

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