The week ends with a wedding 

It has been such a whirlwind of activities around here, with lots of people interaction, that I decided to stay home and do nothing on Monday. 

After three days of children at Columbia, I relaxed at the hairdresser’s on Friday for a couple of hours before I had to make my final checkin for jury duty. By noon on Friday, the courts had filled their jury boxes and I was dismissed until the next time. Whew. Now I could go home and do six loads of laundry!

On Saturday a friend and I attended a popular annual boutique at a Japanese church on the Far East side of town. 

I had vowed to buy nothing as I’m trying to get rid of stuff, not bring more home. So many beautiful things, though. A former co-laborer in the school district has retired and turned to designing jewelry. 

I oohed and aaahed but bought nothing. The next day, Sunday at church, a member was wearing one of the necklaces. I complimented her selection, asking if she had bought it the day before. Yes she had!  We laughed that we had just missed each other at this very well attended event. 

After pursuing all that merchandise, my friend and I went to lunch and spent much of the afternoon catching up. We have been friends for over 35 years and used to see each other on a regular basis, but she has been sidelined by an ailing husband for the last four years. His illness has changed her and it makes me sad. 

Sunday was filled from sun-up to sun-down. After church I had a deacon’s meeting and Terry had choir practice. Afterwards we stopped at Subway for a takeaway picnic and headed to the hills. 

Our young friend whom we’ve known since before she was born was getting married at the same camp where our daughter got married and where we have all put in hours of service. 

We had our picnic lunch beside the upper pond. 

We had arrived about an hour before the ceremony so we watched people arrive and visited with many who we knew. Then we went into the chapel and watched these two kids say their vows. 

Got home just as the sun set and had soup for dinner. I was too tired to make or eat much else. 

Let’s see what we can do this week. 


8 responses to “The week ends with a wedding 

  1. I love weddings, thanks for sharing. I am saddened by your friend and her ailing husband.

  2. That jewelry looks really lovely. I don’t wear it, but I sure do love to look at it. I hope you get some rest before you start your next whirlwind week. 🙂

  3. Congrats on buying nothing. I’m not sure I could have done it.

  4. The jewelry looks beautiful, too bad you didn’t buy it. Yes, caring for an ailing husband can change you.

  5. I’ve been busy, too, with sight-seeing, visiting family and old friends, and trying to avoid buying tempting merchandise! I really really don’t want any more stuff!
    Today is a day of rest, and tomorrow we are on for several days of looking after grandkids.

  6. I do wear jewelry on Sundays. Boy have you been busy with or without a new necklace. 🙂

  7. You are a social butterfly. Have fun!

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