I love Monday mornings

No place to be today. No obligations to meet. No preparations to make. Just a beautiful autumn morning to spend at home, enjoying the light and shadows of the season. 

It was a hectic weekend. The next three days will be busy for Terry and me as we are up early each morning and going in opposite directions. But for today, it is calm and quiet on this “border.”  

I can sit on the porch, with another cup of coffee, and enjoy the sun and shade. At least for awhile. The forecast for this afternoon is 100 degrees. 


7 responses to “I love Monday mornings

  1. That sounds awfully hot for this time of year. Gracious! I would be sitting in the shade while drinking iced coffee. 🙂

    • Although the afternoons have been warm, the mornings are cool, unlike the summer. It was 76 in the house when we got up, but with open windows and fans, the temp went down to 74. The outside temp is in the low 60s most mornings now.

  2. I love front porches. I also love the color of your front door.

    • When we painted our house a couple of years ago, the painter was not pleased that I wanted a vanilla with the same color trim. I told him he could paint the front door any color he wanted. He said he would match it with my hair. He did a pretty good job.

  3. I’m also enjoying the outdoor lights and shadows of the season!

  4. I love days like that too. I’m sorry the temperatures have been so high. That would be hard. Now, you can cool down at bit as we move towards fall.

  5. This is a blissful time of year for sure. Coming out to CA in 12 days. (San Diego)

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