The new fall television season

Although not a big consumer of tv programming, two new shows this fall have caught my attention (and Terry’s) and made me sit up and take notice.

We watched a couple of new shows that were so horrible that I do not remember the names but one had a laugh track. Who does that any more??!!  But, because we pre-record all of the tv that we do watch, it was easy to delete those horrible shows and move on.

“Bull” is the first show that has made us come back for more. “Bull” is inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, who also serves as executive producer. We loved a previous show, “Lie to Me,” whose storyline was in  a similar vein. The characters run a company that does jury consulting. In watching the first two episodes, I better understood what happened with the last jury I was on.

I knew the attorneys were accessing social media just because of a question I was asked that could only have come from my blog. However, as the trial progressed, and the evidence was nonexistent, and the questioning of the witnesses got really goofy, I’m sure the jurors faces told a tale. After a few hours, we were recessed for lunch, and when we came back the whole jury was excused. We believe there had been some sort of plea deal because we knew the defendants were guilty, but the evidence just wasn’t going to prove it. After watching “Bull,” I’m sure there was someone in the audience watching us and figuring out what was happening.

The second show that has struck a chord with us is “Designated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland becoming the president of the United States after an explosion in the Capitol blows away the three branches of the government. The storylines are pretty much ripped from the current headlines. As are the stories on “Bull.” Maybe that’s why I like both of these and hope they hang around for awhile.


6 responses to “The new fall television season

  1. We’re still into Once Upon a Time, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Limitless, Lucifer.

  2. Glad you found some good ones to watch!

  3. I’ll check these out. Bull sounds especially interesting to me. 🙂

  4. Yes, we are recording and watching both of those shows too…as well as this next season of Longmire.

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