Thank God for photo editing

You may remember that allergic reaction I had a few weeks ago when my face swelled…and that it happened at the same time we had photos made for our church directory. The CD with our photos arrived today. These photos have been edited, thank God.

Here is the one of me:


Looks pretty good. Here is what I looked like before we left for this photo shoot:

And a couple of hours before I put on makeup, I looked like this:

Pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say?

This is the photo that we selected for use in the church directory:



12 responses to “Thank God for photo editing

  1. Glad you ended up with such beautiful photos!

  2. Wow! You are sure a good looking gal in that first picture. And brave for putting that makeup-less picture up, Delaine. 🙂

    • It was such a drastic change, from that swollen face at 6 am to the madeup face at 11 to the final product. I thought it worthy of sharing to show what can be done

  3. It was nice of them to’ touch you up’. Our church used the same company last year, and they gave us a complimentary copy of the photo we chose for the directory.

  4. You sure do look better with make up. I guess that goes for all of us women.

  5. Makes me want to rush out before any new wrinkles set in!
    You look great.


  6. Great touched-up photos. And your experience sounds so pleasant by comparison.

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