I need staff

I am younger than the Pope or either of the Presidential candidates. How do they manage to do so much and keep going like energizer bunnies? I continually  ask this question. My husband’s answer:  They have staff. Well, I need staff.

I get tired. My body gets tired and my brain gets tired. My early morning extrovert personality begins to wane after 2 p.m. I turn inward and quiet. If I had to do a debate at 8 p.m., I would be curled up in a chair, just listening until I fell asleep. The other party would win, hands down.

Cooking, cleaning, household chores, shopping, errands, laundry. They all take their toll. I can do one or two of these each day, but please don’t ask me to do all of them in one day along with my volunteer activities. Yesterday came close.

I got up at 6 a.m. and did laundry. I ran an errand before going to Columbia Elementary and doing my storytelling. Once I got home I started cleaning the patio (which needs its own staff). Another couple of loads of laundry. I fixed dinner. We watched the news, a couple of recorded programs, and I read my newest book. By 9 p.m. I was asleep. Soundly. This morning I started all over again, but I have no where to go so that makes life a bit simpler. I did more laundry and finished cleaning the patio. I also ran a short order cafe for the cats. That’s another staffer I need–cat wrangler.

It’s not even 2 p.m, and my body and brain are looking for easier tasks. I would like to sit and read a book, but I need to put everything back on the patio now that it’s clean. Getting the patio clean has made me dirty so my clothes need washing (this is where I could use a laundress), and my hair needs washing. Fortunately, Terry is vacuuming the house and porch. He also made pancakes for breakfast. I will get dinner ready later.

In addition to the patio boy and cat wrangler,  I need a driver to run the errands. A housekeeper for the inner workings of our home. A laundress for the 15 or so loads of laundry each week. A cook to prepare our meals and set them before us and clean up afterwards. Terry is good at cleaning up, but he would like a break, too. A gardner to keep the yards tidy. Small staff, that’s all. Then I could perhaps have the energy and brain power to debate at 8 p.m.


9 responses to “I need staff

  1. good point you make about them having staff, I do get more tired these days after running a couple of errands!

  2. “15 o.r so loads a week” sounds like a lot for two people. Made me think of when the kids were little, there was a Laundry near where I worked where I’d drop off what needed washing in the AM. When I got off work, they’d have everything washed, dried, pressed, folded. I think in-home washer/dryers put that service out of business, but it was great while it lasted.

    • I will admit I do small loads of laundry. Four pairs of jeans is a load for me. I do let Terry’s dress shirts pile up for a couple of weeks before I do them, though. We do very little dry cleaning as I buy mostly washable clothes.

  3. You set such high standards for yourself! And yet I can see why you do as you do. It’s a dilemma, all right.

  4. I can relate to this! I run full steam ahead until about 2pm and then I am so done with the day and ready to relax. Unfortunately, we have 10 hour (sometimes a bit more) days at our jobs! I might be getting too old for this.

  5. I get plenty of sleep every night and seem to have enough energy to get everything done, but you’re right: at 8:00 I’m ready for bed, not a debate! 🙂

  6. 15 loads of laundry? For the two of us, it’s about six – maybe 8 during a very hot week in the summer….

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