A grandma with stickers saves the day

I arrived at school to find a tiny boy kicking the front counter of the office. He wouldn’t stop. He had thrown his jacket on the floor, he had pushed all the papers off of a table in the reception area and even torn some of them. He refused to tell me (or anyone) what was wrong.

When he wouldn’t stop kicking, I started cleaning up his mess. I told him I was an old grandma and shouldn’t have to do that work. He stopped kicking and turned to look at me. I asked him what had happened to make him so angry, but he wouldn’t talk. After throwing away the torn papers, I noticed he had shoes like Judah’s Captain America shoes but his were SpiderMan so I asked him about the character on his shoes. BatMan? Ratman? Superman? He stomped his foot to make the eyes light up and then said, “Spiderman.” Oh, I see.

“I have Halloween stickers if you want some.” He left the counter and came over to the chairs in the reception area and sat with me and told me he ran into a wall. His face did look scraped. An uncle came to pick him up yet he seemed reluctant to go. The office manager says he wants to come to school but he seems to struggle with behavior and then gets sent to the office. That is NOT the answer. She is going to order a study team for him. He’s only in kindergarten. She and the receptionist were kind of amazed that I got him to quit kicking the counter and talk to me. Being a grandma with stickers helps.


10 responses to “A grandma with stickers saves the day

  1. Glad you were able to calm him down!

  2. Being the age of a grandma actually does make a difference! Doing child care for 30 years, I have noticed a big difference in how kids respond to me as I get older. Also, having an understanding of the extreme emotions of a child helps a great deal. You must have that understanding!

    • Being a grandma certainly helps with these little ones. I’m not responsible for anything either, just like a grandparent, so I can relax and just have fun with it.

  3. A red-headed grandma at that. You do such good work. Thank you. 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t have had a clue how to handle the situation. You have a special gift. You’re a child whisperer.

    • Having worked with high schoolers for 21 years helps. The little ones aren’t as set in their ways as those big kids. I’m hoping to turn things around for some of these kids before they get to high school.

  5. These interventions, seemingly so insignificant, make a huge difference in the life of a child. Pure genius. He will not forget.

  6. Stickers are magical things, especially when handed out by someone with compassion.

  7. This I very sweet. 🙂

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