Friday at the historical society 

Answering phones, preparing ticket packages, pricing gift store items, repackaging cookies and candies, listening to the cannon fire. All part of my volunteer time as preparations for the Civil War Revisited go on and education day activities take place.

This is where I work:

The building that houses the offices is 126 years old and was originally the kitchen and servants quarters. It has stood up well to the vagaries of time. This is my view from my desk. The room through the open door is usually the museum’s gift shop but it’s empty now as all the merchandise has been moved to tents on the grounds so the large crowds can shop during their Civil War experience.

Everything is in disarray due to the work being done for the Civil War. Almost all of the work is done with volunteers.

I am happy to be done for the week. The commuter traffic gets heavier each year, which should not surprise me but does. Although the work can be demanding for small amounts of time, it is overall a very easy job. The staff is pleasant and easy to work with and appreciative of what I do. I enjoy the one-week experience, but am ready to get back to my routine.


5 responses to “Friday at the historical society 

  1. Very interesting – I hope to visit one day. I believe my grandfather’s brother, Herb Levy, was instrumental in starting the historical society.

  2. that’s the beauty of volunteer work, it can be over in the week!

  3. You are most definitely the energizer bunny.

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