Sunday morning catching up

Being gone, every day, this past week caused chores and errands to pile up. I got a few done Saturday morning and then we got dressed up and went off to an ordination at our church that took up the remainder of the day.

I didn’t mind at all as the young man being ordained is just wonderful, and I definitely wanted to be there to support him. It appeared that many others felt the same way as the church sanctuary was filled. After a very lengthy service with lots of singing, Bible readings, prayers, sermons, including communion, we recessed to the fellowship hall for refreshments. I got to chat with a variety of people while Terry munched on a variety of appetizers and then had two pieces of cake, one cappuccino and one with strawberries and whipped cream. The cakes were divine and the talk of the party. There was also this beautiful hibiscus tea that wet our whistles quite nicely.

We exited the fellowship hall around 5:30 into a warm autumn evening. Seventy eight degrees as the sun settled into the southwest sky. The air was fragrant with the smell of dry leaves and fermenting grapes from nearby wineries. Perfect day all around.

Because I got a good dose of church on Saturday, I’m staying home on Sunday. Terry is off to sing in the choir but I’m remaining here at home to continue to do laundry and catch up on my reading. I’m also making some preparations for our grandchildren who will arrive in a couple of days to stay with us for the remainder of the week.

I won’t be going to Columbia this week. I had planned to go, leaving the grandkids with Terry for a few hours each of those two days, but he informed me last week that he has arranged a seminar on computer stuff with the organization for whom he volunteers and won’t be available for my plans. Because I had told him weeks ago to keep the last week of October completely open, I was furious that he had ignored that request. I texted the teachers and begged forgiveness for missing another week. And I had these wonderful Halloween candies from Sees to pass out to staff. I told Terry he can take them and pass out to his seminar participants.


2 responses to “Sunday morning catching up

  1. Sorry your plans didn’t work out

  2. I would have been rather miffed, too. You are a good sport, though. 🙂

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