More grit

Our dining table looked like this:

That’s the dishwasher rack and all the under-the-sink stuff. It had to be removed because the GE repairman was due anytime so as to rebuild the dishwasher with the items in these boxes:

GE had shipped these parts to us. The grit issue in our water has created a problem for the dishwasher. Hard water is hard on a dishwasher. Explains why we’ve replaced more dishwashers than any other appliance in the 36 years we’ve lived here. The repairman also thinks the water may not be hot enough to dissolve the detergent. Maybe a liquid detergent is part of the solution. 

We really like this dishwasher, and it’s only 7 years old

The repairman was here in August and cleaned it out the best he could and then ordered all those replacement parts. We joked that they probably had to manufacture them in China and ship them to the East Coast at which point they were loaded on a truck to make the cross country trip. It took that long. 

Two repairmen showed up because they thought they would have to pull out the whole machine to make the repairs. The replacement parts weren’t sufficient. One more part is needed. We can use the dishwasher and they will be back next week with what we hope is the final installment. 


9 responses to “More grit

  1. Wishing you back to normal asap

    • We are able to use the dishwasher but it may be a bit louder than we are accustomed. Normally, you cannot even tell the dishwasher is running it is so quiet.

  2. I’ve had GE dishwasher in my houses for the past three decades, but in my opinion they aren’t made as well now as they used to be. My current model is less than ten years old, but has been serviced multiple times (including one recall). It has NEVER worked as well as I would like it to.

    (And BTW, try running the water in the sink until it’s hot before starting the dishwasher. That seems to work well for us.)

    • Ours works really well, and I even use it to sterilize canning jars, but the hard water has taken its toll. I’m thinking that as the drought has worsened, the pumps are going deeper and pulling up even more grit and minerals than in past years.

      Our GE microwave, washing machine, and dryer continue to work flawlessly. The washing machine is very old and had the motor replaced a few years ago. The repairman said they normally recommend replacement of a machine its age, but mine is in such good condition that the motor replacement was done instead.

  3. Good luck with your “new” dishwasher. 🙂

  4. Never ends with hard water. Thanks for sharing this.we are facing the same thing.

  5. There was a time when I was a little girl that I washed the dishes by hand. Imagine, dishes for 7 people in the family.

    • I have never been a fan of washing dishes. And I hate to have dishes piled up in the sink, awaiting the wash. For a week I housesat for a friend in San Francisco who did not have a dishwasher. I would immediately wash every dish I used as soon as I was finished as there was no real counter space in her 1930s kitchen. I was rather depressed by the end of that week.

  6. I’m finding that replacement parts for the dishwasher are ridiculously expensive too. Arrrghhh! However, it does still work… for now.

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