Losing my multi-tasking mojo

I have always been a multi-tasker. Two, three, four things going at once. I had to be when teaching as my classrooms were project-based with kids doing all sorts of things, going in all different directions. People would come in and out of my rooms, needing different things. It was just the way I lived.  At home I would do laundry while accomplishing many other household chores. Usually something would be cooking, too.

Today I got back from the school chaplain’s breakfast and Terry took off to do his seminar on computer stuff. The grandkids are watching videos on my phone. I started a load of their laundry. Then I decided I wanted to make a new recipe I’ve been looking at for a couple of weeks. It’s supposed to be easy. While those preparations were going, I packed up a picnic basket for a trip later this morning to the park.

Then I realized I needed to check the oven for the caramel covered crackers. Good thing. The caramel had flowed onto the pan and was burning. Smoke poured out of the oven. I ran quickly to turn on fans and open windows, just knowing the smoke alarm was going to trigger at any moment. And Terry not here to immediately turn it off. I keep wishing the alarm was voice-activated and I could tell it I was just cooking!

Somehow, the multi-tasking God was with me and the smoke alarm stayed silent. The kitchen cleared of smoke. The attempted recipe is now cooling in the fridge. Clothes dryer just beeped so my next task is to get small children dressed and into the car for the park adventure. I’ll let you know later how the recipe turned out. It’s a weird concoction.


4 responses to “Losing my multi-tasking mojo

  1. Glad you saved those crackers!

  2. Yes, multitasking is a skill that takes practice

  3. Good for you! I’m afraid my days of multi-tasking is getting harder and harder to do. I’m in a quandry right now trying to keep up with making photobooks for the kids, writing a blog post, trying to get some visiting in while doing my exercising, etc. Then there’s travel in the works.

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