The house waits

It was a quick trip on Saturday to return the grandchildren to their parents. Their dad had brought them on Wednesday and immediately turned around to head off to the coastal camp where he works a few days a week, taking care of the accounting needs and other sundry tasks as needed. We played and shopped and did crafts for three days. When the sun shined, we went outside, when the rains came, we headed to the mall, and when the ground was soaked we stayed inside and made things like books and door hangers.

For the first time I allowed the kids to eat when and pretty much what they wanted. I have learned that they rarely eat what I fix them, nor are they hungry at “mealtime,” so decided to let them make some of the choices, now that they have gotten older. Leeya wanted to mix up the meals, having lunch in the morning and breakfast for her evening meal. That turned out very well for me as I have more energy in the mornings and could cook things for her. Cold cereal for dinner, along with a variety of fruit, was the perfect end to our busy days.

We drove quickly back to San Mateo Saturday morning to drop them off with their mother who was getting ready for a church carnival that evening. She was preoccupied with plans and was not in the mood for boisterous children. I felt bad for all parties. I wish we all lived closer so we could take some of the stress and strain off of our kids, but we had to head back home as we have a full schedule for Sunday as well as the rest of the week.

Six hours of driving, and back home to a very quiet house that seemed to be waiting for the noise and activity to start again. I quickly put away toys, returned furniture to its usual place, cleaned up the bathroom. Laundry would have to wait for another day as the darkness was falling and being so tired and hungry, we needed an easy, quick dinner and an early bedtime.


8 responses to “The house waits

  1. Sigh… I wish I lived closer to my children too, but they’re in the Mid and East coast. How much farther can you go from Hawaii? Wait… My son did mention they wanted to work internationally in Europe. Yikes! OK… I’ll be happy with the East coast.

    • And I have found that it’s up to the grandparents to go to the kids rather than the kids coming to the grandparents. You are fortunate to have the means to travel and spend lengths of time with your children. I have a friend whose children live in other states but they do not have the means to travel to see them. Their children are intensely involved in their careers and unable to come see their parents.

  2. It sounds like it was a good time for everybody, even if we do tend to get a bit more tired early as we age. 🙂

  3. I have a tendency to be an awful mother so it is good they all live many hours away. I certainly admire you a lot, and a good time was had by all.

  4. We moved from Texas to Oregon to be near our only grandchild. We live about 4 miles from our son and his family. Perfect distance, not close enough to be meddling in their business but close enough we get to see grandson often.

  5. You are great grandparents!

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