School starts at 8 a.m.

As I waited Wednesday to have lunch with the first graders, Mr. V, a kindergarten teacher, delivered a girl to the cafeteria so she could eat lunch. Although the kindergartners had already eaten, this child had just arrived at school, at 11:30, thus missing meal time.

I got my meal as she took hers and we sat together at one of the first grader’s tables. I questioned the girl as to why she was so late. Did she have a doctor’s appointment that morning? No, her mother had been letting them sleep in the past few mornings. This was not her first tardy morning. Later I would learn that she had actually missed Monday and Tuesday because the family had gotten up so late.

“You need an alarm clock,” I told her.

“Yes, that’s what I tell my mom, to get me an alarm clock.”

We continued eating and chatting as the first graders arrived. They had been excited to see me as I had been away the past two weeks and wanted to tell me all about what they had been doing. I didn’t get to hear much more from the tardy/truant kindergartner. When she finished eating, I excused myself from the first graders, who let out a howl that I was leaving them, and escorted the child back to Mr. V. I told him she needed an alarm clock.

Since that clock idea kept nagging at me, I stopped on my way home and found a small alarm clock that I thought would appeal to this little girl. I texted Terry to make sure we had the batteries for it before leaving the store. He was kind enough to unpackage the clock, insert the batteries, set the correct time as well as setting a 6 a.m. alarm. School starts at 8. This should give her plenty of time to wake up and get ready.


19 responses to “School starts at 8 a.m.

  1. That’s one SMART little girl! I hope the alarm clock helps.

  2. How do you think her parents will react?

  3. Bless that little girl’s heart. You may have just set that little girl’s feet on the right path. She may remember your good deed as when she began the climb out of a bad situation. Good for you.

    • The reason the police department has put people like me in the elementary schools is to make a difference early in the lives of children. I sure hope we are making a difference.

  4. I hope this really helps, some parents shouldn’t have children!

  5. There’s some story going on in that child’s home, I suspect. And good for you that she now has an alarm clock. 🙂

  6. You are making a huge difference. Thank you.

  7. You are the cat’s pjs, dkzody!

  8. I agree with Christine. The little girl’s parents don’t seem to care and probably resent the alarm going off. Perhaps the school should ask authorities to check out the child’s home environment, put the parents on notice.

  9. We all need a clock from time to time. As. Usual, you met the challenge.

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