Fresno is poor, send money

Our grandchildren had a school holiday for the week leading up to Halloween. Their mother had been sick with a cold for weeks and really wanted a break. We said the kids could come stay with us for a few days. It was great fun as I previously wrote here.

On one of the days we went to our local mall because the kids needed new shoes. They always seem to need to new shoes. They either grow out of the shoes we just bought, or they wear them out just as quickly. Seems as both had happened with the shoes we purchased in late July for back-to-school. The only children’s shoe store in Fresno is in the regional mall. Being a rainy day, and wanting to check on some new pants for Leeya, we parked behind the Macys Mens and Childrens store and made our way through the long hall of stores.

Along the way, we looked at some children’s apparel and peered into a few other stores. Having shopped a lot at the mall in their town, San Mateo, the grandchildren were accustomed to some different stores and a different layout.

“Can we go to the second floor,” Leeya asked, remembering the shoe department at Nordstoms and the bistro where we get lunch after shopping.

“There is no second floor at this mall, nor is there a Nordstroms,” I replied.

Passing the Disney store, Judah asked about the Legos store.

“We don’t have a Legos store here.”

“Why,” he questioned.

“We don’t have a lot of the stores you have in San Mateo. Fresno doesn’t have the money that San Mateo does. People here can’t afford those shops that you have in your mall.”

This conversation took place as we trundled along the long corridor of stores, darting between shoppers. (Why are there so many people at the mall on a Friday morning? Doesn’t anyone work?) I really didn’t know how much Judah or Leeya were absorbing my babbling about our economic differences.

On Monday, with the children back home and back to routine, our daughter texted me. Judah had told her that Fresno is poor and that they need to send money to us since they are so rich. I sent the explanation as to how he had come to this conclusion. We both thought it sweet that a 5-year old could care so much.


3 responses to “Fresno is poor, send money

  1. That is very sweet of Judah to be concerned. A good reminder how children, being so literal, often misinterpret what we say.

  2. Well, it’s true that children get educated about inequality in many subtle ways that we don’t always notice. She sounds like a caring person, just like her grandmother. 🙂

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